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Garage Door Security

Your garage doors serve as a beautiful addition to your home as well an excellent source for shielding your car and other items against outside elements; However, they can poise a security risk, if not properly locked. There are a variety of garage door locks on the market, some of which offer more security than others. The following garage door locks provide the highest security possible for protecting your investments.

The Modern Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Remotes

Modern garage door openers are designed with rolling code technology, which enables the remote to transmit an entirely new code each time the remote is activated. And, since it transmits a new code each time, the chances of it being manipulated by code grabbers are slim. When purchasing your system, be sure it includes rolling code technology for maximum security.

Automatic Garage Door Deadbolt

An automatic garage door deadbolt works with both manual and automatic garage doors. The deadbolt adds an extra layer of security to your garage doors by preventing the door from being manipulated via the emergency release handle inside the door. When the door closes, it automatically slides a heavy duty steel bolt into the garage track, preventing it from being opened. When the door opens, it automatically retracts the bolt, allowing entry into the garage.

The automatic garage door deadbolt requires no additional steps to access your garage doors, as it includes its own wireless keypad, with rolling code technology, that works in conjunction with the existing wired garage door button located inside the door, allowing the door to be opened with just one push of the button.

Sliding Interior Side Locks

Sliding interior side locks slide into the track to lock the garage door from the inside. They are made of galvanized steel with a spring loaded bolt for maximum security. Sliding interior side locks are ideal for overhead garage doors.

Garage Door Bolts

Garage door bolts provide a discreet way to lock your garage doors as opposed to outside locks. These heavy duty locks bolt through the garage door and lock into both sides of the frame. They are fairly easy to install and just perfect for up and over and sectional garage doors including both wooden and metal frames.


The padlock offers a convenient way to secure your garage door, especially if you plan to be away for an extended amount of time, such as on vacation. Simply, padlock the latch or attach the padlock through one of the holes in the garage door track to prevent the door from being pulled open. Padlocks are available in both key and programmable entry.

Surface Mounted Garage Garage Door/Shutter Lock

Surface mounted garage door locks, such as The Bulldog garage door lock, utilizes ground tubes and a stainless steel Bulldog Super Bolt to prevent the garage door from being opened. The Bulldog fits securely inside or outside the garage door and is compatible with metal, plastic, wood or glass fibre up and over and roller shutter doors.

The garage is one of the most vulnerable entrances into the home, and one that many people seem to neglect, providing unwarranted access to you, your family and your precious valuables. Investing in a secure garage door lock will provide peace of mind knowing you’ve invested in the highest security possible for your doors. Remember, replace faulty or worn locks as needed to ensure your ongoing safety.

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