How To Choose A Commercial Garage Door

As a commercial business, you will need to choose a garage door based on the type of business and the application for which the door will be used. Most commercial garage doors can be broken down into four categories: Sectional, Rolling, Traffic/ Sheet and Fire Rated Garage Doors.

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors are the best choice for commercial use when security, temperature control and aesthetics are the major factors. These doors can also have windows to provide light, visibility or a pleasing outer look. Sectional garage doors do require a significant amount of space above the door and beyond for headroom. Space is also needed at the sides because the door sections are hinged and each is guided on a door track with an exposed spring visible. These doors are usually steel or aluminum and come in various styles such as insulated, ribbed, raised panel, and rail and stile construction. The maintenance costs associated with these commercial sectional garage doors may be slightly higher due to all the components in them and the possibility of needed repairs on them. Sectional doors are ideal for loading dock situations and outdoor situations requiring a more refined look.

Rolling Garage Doors

Commercial rolling garage doors are great in situations that call for high security and great durability. These doors are constructed of interlocking metal slats that roll up in a “barrel” located above the door opening. Due to this rolling doors are able to fit in tight spaces not appropriate for sectional doors. Rolling doors typically do not contain windows but can accommodate small ones if desired. Guides on these doors tend to be heavy structural steel and the spring is enclosed in the “barrel” above. This along with the continuous hinge design of these doors make them more durable. The initial cost of these doors and the installation of these rolling doors tends to a little higher than other doors except possibly fire doors. These doors are great for service doors and counter shutters.

Traffic/Sheet Garage Doors

These doors are similar in construction to rolling doors, are most often made of a continuous sheet of high-strength fabric, not metal. The reduction in weight allows for these doors to move up and down much faster. This makes them ideal for high cycle applications. The construction of these doors is usually cheaper than other doors. Installation cost may be less also. Contact made with these doors by equipment usually results in forcing it out of its guides, which can be easily remedied without a service call resulting lower maintenance costs. However, damage to the sheet usually results in the replacement of the whole door instead of just pieces on sectional and rolling garage doors Holly Springs GA.

Fire Rated Garage Doors

Commercial fire doors feature some similar construction characteristics as rolling doors. However, these doors are specified in facilities that require a rated fire door in a rated fire wall. Fire doors are normally hooked to the building’s fire suppression system so they automatically close at 165 F. The make-up of these commercial fire garage doors helps to slow down the spread of flames and heat to other parts of the building. Typically these doors are made of steel, although some have heat resistant inner cores. Fire doors can include both service doors and counter shutters.

The correct commercial garage door is available no matter your particular situation. All it takes to choose wisely is a bit of information and forethought.

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