All Four Seasons Garage Doors Alpharetta GA asks “What’s inside your garage?”

When you see a house with garage doors, do you ever wonder what is inside the garage? Did you notice that many times even though there are garage doors there are vehicles parked outside? This could be due to the fact that items are being stored in the garage and are taking up the space that should be housing a car instead. Wouldn’t it be nice if you were able to make your items more accessible and therefore more usable.

There are storage solutions that can help reduce clutter and better utilize the space within the garage. Many of these are easily available to anyone, and they are not hard to install or use. You could start by drawing a diagram as to what goes where. One area could hold your sports items such as tennis rackets or golf clubs. Another area could be designated as a place for you hobbies like gardening. Recycling is another important category that should not be forgotten. Keep the recycling containers all in the same area and if you choose, get a small cart to set them on that will make it easier to bring them to the curb.

The first idea is snap lid containers that are stackable and also keep out moisture. Items of the same type should be kept in one container. For instance, keep all the Christmas items in one snap lid container. If you have more than one container but like items, keep them stored in the same area. It is important to label each container so you will know what is in it at a glance. Do not only put a label on the top, but on the side that will be facing out as well. Lots of times the red and green containers sell for a special price right around Christmas then go on closeout right after Christmas. Because of their color these would be easy to spot. Some other container colors are light blue, dark blue and tan. When stacking containers it is suggested that the heaviest ones be on the bottom and do not stack them very high as the item you want could be in one of the bottom containers and you will have to unstack them to get to it.

Another way of organizing is to use shelving units. There are some that are free standing while others are built in and on a more permanent basis. Some of the shelves could also have drawers. A simple shelf can be put up on some L shape hangers with a board bolted or screwed onto them. There are also hooks that can be used for hanging up rakes, shovels and a broom. There is another kind of hook that would allow you to hang up your bike when not in use. A work bench could also be added and will hold things like screws, tools, and other similar items would be kept in that general area. The workbench would also give you a place to work on things.

You can have an organized garage. Visualize how it looks to keep like items together and make sure to label them. Nothing is more frustrating than knowing something is there but not where to find it. The next time you see garage doors with nothing parked in front of them, picture a tidy garage with the vehicle tucked inside out of the weather and room to walk around it. Now the beauty and style of the garage door will show as well.

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