The Evolution of the Garage Door

Garage doors Hiram GA have been around for over 100 years in various configurations and even longer if you consider that the forefathers of the garage were barns and carriage houses. The evolution of the modern day garage went through many configurations in between.

Before the automobile, barns were used to house farm implements and horses to keep them out of the elements. The barn doors were attached to the barn by strap hinges and opened outwards in front of it. With the introduction of more luxurious carriages the owners did not have traditional farms, so the carriage house was created to keep their horses and carriages safe. With the introduction of the automobile, the natural inclination was to store them alongside the carriages. The problem was that their new automobiles tended to smell of the horse manure. So a horseless carriage house was needed where the automobile could be kept safe and clean.

The first horseless carriage houses had barn type doors that opened outward. The major problem with these was the increased use put a lot of strain on the hinges and nails holding them in place. The hinges became the major maintenance problem for these buildings. When sliding track doors were introduced, it eliminated the hinges and allowed the doors to slide out of the way to either side of the building. The problem with these was that the building had to be as wide as the door on either side to accommodate them. The solution came a few years later with the introduction of segmented doors that could be opened along a curved track so that they ended up parallel to the outer walls of the building.

In 1921 a garage door that opened up and over the vehicle inside was introduced. This door opened up and was stored above the garage while open. This development would eventually adopt an older solution to make these doors easier to operate, the segmented doors running along tracks on either side of the door rather than along the top and bottom. This simple solution allowed the door to open completely without the larger area needed by the heavier one piece doors.

The next step in the evolution of the garage doors involved the materials used to make them. Since the days of barns and carriage houses, the garage doors had always been made of wood. The problem with wood was that it was heavy and susceptible to the weather if not properly maintained. The first change in materials came with the introduction of the galvanized steel doors in the 1970’s. These were followed by fiberglass and eventually the vinyl covered aluminum that we see today.

Today’s garage door designs offer affordable options which are much more durable than older models. These new designs also give home owners the ability to customize the doors to their liking. Offering options such as windows, insulation and garage door colors to match the homes trim. Many home owners are choosing designs that evoke the days of the carriage house, with the ornate ironwork of hinges and door handles simulated on the modern garage door, while keeping the modern day convenience of the segmented overhead door.

Long gone are the days of the heavy wood doors that were difficult to operate and maintain. Today’s modern garage door offers convenience as well as stylish designs and options to meet the needs of the homeowner. Whether the homeowner is looking for a sleek modern door or one more rustic in appearance they are all available thanks to the innovations in the construction and design of doors.

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