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In most homes, garage door security is the weak link in the security chain protecting the personal property and lives of the homeowner’s family. The front door for most homes is usually well protected with at least two separate lock systems. In addition to those locks the front door is protected by being open to view from the front, and public area, of the neighborhood. The door that leads from the backyard of the home, is also usually well protected, in terms of a secure double lock arrangement. That leaves the two garage doors as the weak link.
Yes, two garage doors. Most homes have the door that is operated by a remote control device. Then there is the second garage door. That is the one from the inside of the garage to the interior of the home. In too many homes, that second “garage door” is the weakest link in the chain.

In fact, that door deserves to be just as secure if not more so, than the front door to the home. The reason for the extra need for that door to be protected is the fact that it is hidden from view of your neighbors and anyone that is just driving by your home. Once the criminal is past the first garage door, the exterior one we normally think of as the garage door.

That door to your garage, from the interior of your home, should have a deadbolt lock. That deadbolt should be in addition to the normal lock on the door. The frame of that door should be reinforced very well. Even a battering ram, like the ones used by the police, would have a hard time getting past that door. If the front door of the home has alarm and break-in protection installed, likewise so should the door between the home and the garage. If the front door to the home has a wide angle peephole, so should that important door from the home to the garage.

After the door from the inside of the garage to the inside of the home is secure, there are always security risks in the majority of garages in North America that need to be addressed. Most homeowners are kidding themselves into a belief that their big, heavy garage door is keeping their home safe and secure. In fact, unless the homeowner has educated themselves on ways to make that door secure, it might as well be left wide open.

Here are some ideas on how to make the garage, and its exterior door, more safe and secure. If the exterior garage door has windows, they should be opaque so that no one can see inside and determine if the family car is there, or not. The same thing applies to windows in the walls of the garage. They should be covered, frosted or made opaque in some other manner.

There are many ways that the local garage door sales and service company can help any homeowner who has decided to get serious about fixing the security problems with entry into their garage. Most homeowners would be shocked to know that, by failing to read the booklet that came with their garage door remote, they have left their garage door easily openable by any criminal with access to a signal reader or list of remote manufacturers default door codes. A good plan of action would be to have a security review of the home, including the garage door, done once every one or two years.

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