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Are you buying or building a home? If you are and need to make decisions that concern the doors to your garage, this post has some helpful information. Decisions that you make now can save you time, trouble, and money in the future.

You should do some research to find a company that can do all the things you need with quality garage doors. The chosen company can advise on the available materials to be used in quality garage doors. They can also review the plans for your new garage, or the garage you already have. They should be able to make sure that security is important in all they do. To start the process selection, consider the following steps.

Step One – Ask Around

What you want is one company that does sales, service and garage security reviews. By choosing such a company, everything that is decided on will be followed through. If the company you pick handles everything, in the future if problems occur, there is no one for the company to blame but themselves.

You want to build a relationship with one company that works with you to choose the best doors from the best materials that fit the environment and area in which you live. Get the contact data for at least two, and preferably three, full sales and service garage door companies. Advise each you are putting out to bid a long term relationship.

Make sure that each bidding company realizes that only work specified in writing is to be quoted and performed. When the workers arrive, from the selected company, review the work to be done. Make sure they understand any extra work that may need to be done must be reviewed, approved for the content of work and price before any approved work may be done. This applies to any and all visits to your property.

Step Two – Get Three Bids

Once you start this process there will inevitably be some service only companies or individuals approach you for a chance to get the work. Three bidders is enough and a good excuse to turn away possible fly-by-night single person operations. Make sure the name mentioned when you first called each company matches the data on the company license to do business in your town. If the company has an online presence, that name should also match their official licensed presence in your community.

Step Three- Check  BBB Rating

These days an A+++ rating from the Better Business Bureau does not always mean the company is going to do a good job. What checking does points out the companies that have had a lot of problems. Just give each company the chance to explain their rating. Make sure you look at more than just the grade. For example, how many complaints have there been in the last 12 months? How many are still pending?

Step Four -Check Licensing and Bonding

Before you make your final decision on which bid to accept, check with your local state, or county business licensing office. Find out what things a proper company has to have to do business in your city. You will usually find out that any authorized company must have proof their workers are insured while on your property. To back up that insurance, some localities require the company to be bonded.

If follow these four steps carefully and completely, your chance of getting a company that will rip you off and cause problems is greatly reduced.

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