Aren’t you lucky that your experts for garage doors Roswell GA are passionate about anything related to houses and business establishments? Today we wanted to focus on fences. Just like your garage doors Roswell GA, a fence can add extra security, privacy, and curb appeal to your home. We hope this article might serve you well.

Choosing the correct fence type and style is important for homeowners on many levels. Fences last a long time, there are usually ordinances for erecting them, neighbors will have their opinions, and they can add value and curb appeal to a home if done right. There are many fence types, sizes, styles and even colors to choose from. However, the roles fences are to serve are paramount in deciding what type to get.

Fences for Security

Security fencing brings to mind the tried-and-true chain-link fence that has been protecting backyards as well as commercial and industrial properties since it was introduced in the United Kingdom in 1844. It was brought to the United States in 1898. Chain-link fencing is great at keeping children and pets within a perimeter. However, since it is also the most popular type of fence to be used around places such as prisons, residential homeowners try to minimize the industrial look by choosing fence fabric in colors other than galvanized gray.

Ornamental steel and welded wires are also used for security fencing. Choose a height that cannot be jumped or climbed over. Choose spacing between fence elements that prevent acquiring a foot or handhold for climbing. Choose heavier chain-link fabric and welded wire gauges to prevent cutting. Top and bottom rails installed with chain-link fabric greatly increase fence strength. A pergola or other type of open structure with garage doors installed can serve as a decorative entry and exit point at the end of a driveway of a property surrounded by fencing.

Privacy Fencing

Fences designed for privacy are mainly installed to act as a barrier from prying eyes. They are popular around swimming pools and recreational areas of backyards. Swimmers and sunbathers like to have a measure of privacy when outdoors, and privacy fence panels serve this purpose. Play areas for children and pets are also great places for privacy fences. Pets that bark at anything that moves are quieter when they cannot see what is going on outside of their play area. Children can play without being seen from the street.

Privacy fencing is usually made of wood or plastic panels that have minimal or no spacing between individual fence elements. Wood fencing needs periodic staining or painting, but plastic panels only need the occasional cleaning with a garden hose and brush. Privacy fencing is not structurally as strong as security fencing. It does serve a minimal containment role but is easier to circumvent by someone intent on getting inside the fenced area. Plastic panels look nicer than chain-link fencing, and the colors and styles can aesthetically match your siding and garage doors Roswell GA.

Decorative Fencing

Fences installed purely for aesthetic purposes need not meet any height or structural integrity requirements. However, they should be strong enough to hold up to the elements as well as weed trimmers, bumps from lawn mowers and abuse from wildlife and passers-by. Decorative fencing looks good as a backdrop or accent for a planted area. Plastic usually is the easiest to install and maintain season after season.

Most areas have ordinances that need to be observed for fence installation. This includes placement, height requirements, the types of fencing that is allowed and spacing between individual fence elements. Major fence manufacturers are aware of and abide by spacing requirements designed to prevent injury to children, but there may be local requirements that exceed federal standards. A call to the local governing body should be made before any permanent fence structure is installed.

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