Your lawn is beautifully manicured. Your custom-made garage doors Marietta GA are fabulous. The newly paved driveway looks amazing. But something is missing. Now you have decided to place a border along the driveway. It’s okay that you are a novice, when designing a colorful landscape. Mixing colors and textures of flowers is easy. The same way you dress for an outing, with matching shoes, purse, and contrasting coat is the same way you arrange the flowers.

Ideas for Dark Colored Driveways

The garage doors are dark, with black antique hardware. The driveway has the hombre colors of light and dark grey and black paving. The lawn is a vibrant green. Add Nova plants with their bright light blue leaves, along the edge of the driveway. The Bishops Weed plant, with its green leaves edged in white, should be placed on an angle with the Nova plant. Planting the Japanese Painted Fern will give the border more texture. The ferns’ purple, silver, and green leaves will add more color. The border will be striking.

Ideas for Neutral Colored Driveways

If your driveway is paved with a neutral color, and the garage doors Marietta GA are a light-colored metal, your choice of colored foliage is endless.

Best Plants with Colored Foliage:

The low growing shrub, the Barberry Concorde has bright purple leaves. In the fall the leaves turn a bright scarlet color.

The gorgeous Buddleia Blue Chip shrub has beautiful blue flowers and attracts butterflies.

The Buxus Green Velvet, evergreen hedge plant, has many uses. It can be used as a privacy hedge, define the border of your property, and acts as a sound barrier.

Planting Knock-Out Roses in front of the hedge plant gives it a formal look.

The Pink Fizz Hellebore has a spectacular blend of white and raspberry pink flowers. It is a full bush that yields fifty to sixty blooms that spread over the ground.

The Leyland Cypress trees grow to four to five feet tall. They grow three feet a year and can be pruned to the height of your personal preference. The feathery leaves are bluish green in color.

A bright Dwarf-Winged burning bush, will add a bit of drama to the border. This shrub can be styled when trimmed.

If you want more color for your border, plant the Kaleidoscope Butterfly Bush, in front of the Cypress trees. All the colors will complement each other.

Capistrano Rhododendron is disease resistant and make good privacy hedges. This rare rhododendron has light yellow flowers, and spread a generous six to eight feet wide. They grow to the height of three to five feet.

Planting the Ivory Queen Hosta on the very edge of the border, will lend a shock of color with its blue edged leaves and off-white center. Very light lavender flowers bloom on top the leaves in the midsummer. They spread eighteen inches wide and twelve inches tall.

The multi colored Foxglove stalks grow to five feet tall with bell-shaped florets, instead of the traditional flat leaves. The colors are as bright as a rainbow.

How to Choose a Border for the Driveway

Choosing a border for the driveway is a matter of mixing colors with textures. It’s always good to try something new. To give your driveway a clean edge, you can use landscape timbers or even long pieces of square or rounded lumber. We recommend choosing a material that is pressure treated so that it lasts long. If you opt for wood, choose a rod-resistant wood, such a cedar. The rest is creativity. You could use one course of timbers or stack multiple layers to create a small wall border. Either, it will keep your lawn neat and manicured at all times.

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