What kind of garage door opener do you need? Well, that question can be answered depending on what type of garage door you have. For the novice on garage doors, there are four different kinds of garage door openers, separated by what mechanical drive is used to raise and lower the door.

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  • The first kind of garage door opener is called the chain-drive door opener, which is also considered the least expensive kind, as well as the most common.
  • Next, there is the belt-drive door opener, which uses a metal backed rubber belt and not a chain; the belt drive door is quieter than the chain drive, however it is also more expensive.
  • The third type of garage opener is the direct-drive opener, which does not use the traditional belt drive, chain or screw.
  • The last type –screw drive – has a simple mechanism which moves up and down along a threaded steel rod. But this door opener has proven to be both more noisy and slower than the others.

Chain-Drive Openers

Chain driven door openers have the most power for your bucks. However, they can be noisier oftentimes than even the belt-driven. Noise level seems to be the only problem the chain driven opener has. It is known to smoothly raise and lower the garage door. The chain driven opener is a challenge to install. There is an extension kit that is specified for 8 to 10 foot doors. Professional installation is recommended. Doing it yourself can take four to six hours so be prepared for some frustration.

Periodic maintenance is required for all of the four mentioned garage openers. The models that are “belt-driven” have been known for their whispering and quiet operation.

Screw-Driven Openers

Screw-driven door openers are mostly priced moderately and considerably less noisy than its chain driven counterparts. These screw-driven doors are held with a worm screw, with a grooved carriage that rides up under it. When activating this door opener, the worm screw turns the carriage and lifts the door. The screw-driven door openers are considered the fastest and strongest of all the others.

Belt-Driven Openers

The next type of garage opener is the belt driven door opener which is known to be both quiet and expensive. These openers work similar to the chain driven ones, however instead of using a loud chain, instead a quiet rubber belt is used. There are many moving parts to this model that require maintenance. The rubber belt attached to the garage door is durable and most manufacturers offer life of the home warranties on the power head and rubber belt.

Torsion Spring Automatic Openers

Finally, with torsion spring automatic door openers, they take up less room than the others but are more expensive to install. They have a limited availability and unpredictability and can sometimes be hard to find. Because they do not operate using a rail, this door opener turns a torsion spring rod, allowing it to operate with less noise. The higher maintenance for these torsion spring doors and the power head moving out of alignment can make this a problematic door opener. These doors are known for jamming.

All of these door openers have safety beams that are infrared. When broken, the beam will cause the door to reverse automatically. Door openers also operate using a pressure switch which can sense the slightest increases in pressure. When pressure increases the door can go from down to up in a cycle motion.

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