Automatic garage door openers make life so easy and convenient. However, when one of them breaks or slows down, you can find yourself in a financial nightmare. Luckily, there are several tips and tricks that you can follow to ensure that your garage door and automatic opener never break and that you avoid costly repairs.

Reprogram Your Device

Automatic garage door openers are the same as computers, in that they are electronic devices that sometimes need reboots. They can break down over time or get buggy. The key is to reprogram them. Think of it as the same way that you reboot your computer. The owner’s manual should help you. Another wise thing to do is continually check your batteries. Garage door openers are not incredibly complex items and often times a fresh set of batteries will be the only thing you need to get the door opener working again.

Visual Inspection for Garage Doors Marietta GA

Sometimes the door itself may not be working. In this instance, it’s a good idea to check all the springs and hinges on the door. Garage doors are continually exposed to weather and overtime they can become sticky and warped from weather.

Checking and oiling them every few months ensures that the garage door keeps opening smoothly. The garage door is very heavy and maintaining it properly every month is essential to keeping it moving the way it’s supposed to.

Inspect the Garage Door Springs

In addition to using your eyes to visually inspect all the springs and inner workings of your garage door, you can use your ears as well. A well-maintained garage door will make no sounds or will be very quiet when it opens and closes. When you start to notice a squeaking metal sounds, that will be your first sign that maintenance is needed. Spray some lubrication on the moving parts as soon as you hear some sounds.

Are the Brackets Tight?

The brackets that hold the garage door to the frame of the garage experience a lot of force by the door’s continually opening and closing. Over time, they can start to pull away from the walls. It’s always a good idea to check these brackets often and make sure the screws holding them in are tight. If you fail to do this, the door may pull away completely from the wall and collapse. This will then become a major repair, requiring professional assistance to fix.

How Often Do You Need to Inspect?

Garage door repair can seem complicated or intimidating at first but the reality is the door is one of the simplest things in your home. Think of your garage doors Marietta GA as an extension of your automobile. When you give your car an oil change, it’s the perfect time to oil and inspect all the various parts of your garage door. This will prevent you from having to pay for an extensive garage door repair later or, even worse, purchasing a brand new door altogether. Thinking of it as an extension of your automobile will help you remember and include it in your routine household maintenance.

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