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Box truck doors come in different varieties, but the roll-up door is one of the most common. These doors are very beneficial, but improper usage can lead to issues. By making sure to do proper maintenance on a box truck roll-up door repair can be avoided. There are a few common problems that are associated with this category of doors, and by understanding them and how to maintain a door, the lifespan can be increased.

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Maintaining A Working Door

It is not difficult to keep a roll-up door working smoothly and without issue if simple steps are taken regularly to prevent these problems from occurring. It is strongly advised to check out the different components that can become troublesome and ensure that the parts are free of rust, grease, and debris. If there is anything blocking the path of a track make sure to remove it carefully so as not to damage the track. Using a cleaner such as WD-40 on moving parts will help ensure that grease and other buildup do not get to the point of immobilizing a piece of the door. Looking for rust and corrosion is another important way to keep parts from malfunctioning on a box truck that can cause a piece to eventually fall off or become stuck in place.


The hinges that hold together the various sections of a roll-up door are put in place to help the door roll up smoothly, and without these hinges, it is easy to imagine how difficult it would be to roll a single large section up. These hinges exist between the sections and when they are rusted, bent, and otherwise working improperly will cause more resistance. A person who is uninformed about roll-up doors may try to force the door up, but this will only result in more issues possibly breaking the sections and hinges completely.


The track that is on either side of the door helps slide the door properly into place and keep the door from swinging back and forth. When these tracks contain debris or are bent they can stop the door from rolling up or down. If a track is broken or out of place it may cause the door to roll up improperly causing harm to a person in the wrong place at the wrong time.


The rollers that are put on the track can become filled with old grease or may become misshapen through improper use and maintenance. If the roller becomes detached from a section this can also cause problems and possible harm to a person operating the door.


Many roll up doors also utilize springs to help with the rolling-up process. If this spring becomes rusted or falls out of place a door can possibly come down with more force than necessary. This added force can end up causing additional problems where box truck roll-up door repair may be the only option.


Lack of maintenance and improper handling are the biggest causes of someone having to seek out box truck roll-up door repair, but even with proper care and use a door may become troublesome over time. When the time comes to fix a roll-up door it is strongly advised to get a qualified professional to take care of any repairs that are needed. These doors are designed for vehicles, and because they are moving an improper door may lead to serious harm to property and people alike. Help make sure your door can do the work it is designed for so it can help you!

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