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Sadly enough for most people, the time they think about security is after their home has been broken into. When family heirlooms and jewelry are gone and all that is left is memories, people begin to look for ways to protect their homes and valuables. Do not be one of these people. Take a look around today. What ways can you further insure your home against intruders? Is that old lock looking used and useless? Are their broken window panes that you just haven’t got around to fixing? It’s time. Here are some security features that can help protect your Vinings GA home from burglars:

Keychain remote: Your garage door is solid. There is no way a thief will get through that defense. However- if a thief breaks into your car, that visor remote will open the door right up. The purchase of a keychain remote will stop the possibility of a thief finding entrance through your car and into your home. After all, very few people leave their keychains in their car.

Door Devils: Somehow the intruder has gotten past your garage door. Entry into your home is as easy as kicking in the door. That is a terrifying thought. Products designed to strengthen the door at the lock and hinges will prevent a burglar from kicking in the door. Metal plates nearly 4 ft in length are easily installed by the homeowner. These plates dispel the force of the kick along the metal plate, making it nearly impossible to kick through the lock.

Products like Bulldog garage locks come with angled brackets, tubing and everything you need to install them. These locks actually lock into your garage floor. If a thief manages to bust a window in your garage door, he still cannot get the garage door to go up, preventing entry.

Door guards: If an intruder has gained access to your garage, their next point of entry will be the door into your home. In addition to strengthening your door locks, consider purchasing a door guard like OnGard. Metal plates are screwed into your floor directly in front of your door. A metal piece then slips into two holes in the plate, effectively blocking your door. Even with blunt force, like a kick, it is nearly impossible to open the door. This will allow you critical minutes for police to arrive or for your family to escape.

Garage door bolts: Even simple measures can help you protect your home and family. A garage door bolt is an easy, inexpensive way to thwart break-ins. The slide lock system can be used with padlocks to stop the garage door from being rolled up. If the door will not open, access for the intruder is much harder to gain.

Of course, there are so many other products on the market to make your life safer. You can install door and window alarms that go off when contact is broken. Safety lights deter a possible intruder. Dead bolt locks offer a measure of protection. Wide-angle peep holes allow you to see into your garage without opening the door. This is a perfect way to check out that strange noise.

Also- never underestimate the power of good neighbors. These people will watch your home while you are away. Maybe your neighbor has insomnia and notices someone prowling around your residence in the middle of the night. They will call you or the police. Either way, you are alerted to a possible break-in. Be that good neighbor to them, too.

If you have ever wondered how vulnerable your home is, it’s worth thinking about your garage door. All Four Seasons Garage Door Installation Vinings GA is on your side. Call us today at (770) 517-7078 or click on us:  All Four Seasons Garage Door Installation Vinings GA

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