Our customers call with a request to upgrade their old garage doors. We agree that an old, shabby garage door is not only unreliable, but gives your entire home a look of disrepair. We can help! You don’t have to be embarrassed by your worn-out door anymore.

Upgrade Your Powder Springs Garage Door

Some types of garage doors will accept paint. Check with the garage door manufacturer to determine the best types of door primers and paints to cover the materials used to face your garage doors. (In some cases, manufacturer specifications do not include options for adding garage door paint because doors arrive in a fully finished condition.)

Garage door dent removal remains one way to upgrade some aging garage doors. Unless you possess extensive experience in this field, you’ll want to proceed cautiously before undertaking this type of project yourself. For example, disassembling and re-hanging overhead garage doors requires technical expertise and careful attention to door balance issues. If garage door panels have sustained heavy damage, complete door replacement may provide a more aesthetically rewarding and cost-effective option. We can offer assistance if you’ve considered undertaking this type of project. All Four Seasons Garage Door Upgrades can help if it’s one panel or the entire door.

Also call All Four Seasons for help troubleshooting and correcting problems concerning a noisy garage door. Frequently, the materials utilized in garage door assemblies have variable lifetimes- one part may last decades and another only a few years. Our trained technicians can assist you in the greater Atlanta metro area if your door requires garage door spring replacement, or any and all other parts.

Insulation: Included in a Garage Door Upgrade Powder Springs

Some customers hire us to add weatherstripping around the base of older garage doors to eliminate drafts. Today, most new models of doors include insulation; they will close securely and do not typically require additional customer insulating efforts. However, there are always ways to take it further. If you’d like to enhance the energy-efficiency of your garage, your best strategy for accomplishing this goal may involve purchasing a new model of insulated garage door and then upgrading the insulation in other parts of the garage, such as the windows or the garage roof.

Changing the style of your garage door to better suit your dwelling allows you to unleash your creativity. Garage door manufacturers like the Amarr company have developed an impressive variety of attractive garage door designs. For example, you can select trendy garage doors with or without windows, or doors with extensive glass paneling. Currently, a myriad of garage door colors, textures, trims and styles enable homeowners to tailor the appearance of automatic doors to meet decorating objectives. (We offer experienced garage door installation services in metro Atlanta if you decide to pursue this option.)

Upgrading real estate by replacing a heavily worn or outdated garage door with a new, enhanced model supplies an affordable (and fast) way to improve residential properties. A variety of motivations may underlie this decision. For instance, in some cases water or hail damages a garage door so that a complete replacement represents the best option for enjoying a secure, dry, attractive garage (check to see if your homeowners’ insurance policy covers it) . Property owners also sometimes request our garage door installation services because they have chosen to expand the size of a garage. Two, three or even four car garages may enhance the quality of daily life in a busy household with multiple vehicles and drivers.

During the garage door upgrade process, remember that different construction materials used in garage doors offer unique advantages and disadvantages. For example, obtaining a well-insulated garage door may help lower your household’s monthly utility bills. Yet this choice may also increase the total weight of the door, and require the installation of a more powerful motor and additional (or stronger) garage door springs. We offer a valuable source of advice and assistance to households contemplating garage door replacement in the metro Atlanta area.

We’re ready for your call, whatever your garage door upgrade Powder Springs might be. All Four Seasons Garage Doors has a reputation for quality work and friendly service, so contact us today by calling us at 678-809-2443 or click on us: All Four Seasons Garage Door Upgrade Powder Springs