New Garage Door

We receive many questions about garage doors! If you’ve ever enjoyed playing trivia games, you’ll probably appreciate learning a variety of key facts concerning these important property fixtures. Today, manufacturers have designed some stylish lines of attractive, well-built automatic doors for residential garages and commercial establishments. Gaining accurate information about garage doors helps you maintain your real estate in good condition:

Why do the doors of my garage require professional installation?

Modern garage doors include some complex technology. Installing them correctly requires careful attention to door balance issues and the precise placement of tracks, springs and other mechanical components. Just consider one key fact: these structures usually represent the single heaviest moving feature in a residential property. Correct installation proves critical in ensuring the safe, smooth operation of these doors.

Why does the overhead door in my garage weigh so much?

Today, most garage automatic doors include insulation materials enclosed within durable wood or metal panels. During former eras, when energy efficiency issues did not receive as much attention from architects and developers, many households parked their vehicles in barns or carports. People often expected to open and close the doors of the garage manually. The increasing popularity of convenient attached garages in suburban developments generated new interest on the part of designers in producing high quality products capable of contributing to enhanced home insulation and energy efficiency. Today, an insulated garage door often plays a valuable role in keeping garages warm and dry during cold weather. The presence of insulating material inside the door does add to the overall weight, however. Many modern automatic overhead doors weigh well over 100 pounds.

Does the weight of the door affect the selection of automatic door opening and closing machinery?

Yes! The development of convenient automatically opening and closing overhead garage doors became possible because inventors devised sophisticated automatic door mechanisms. Both the overall weight and balance of the door assembly and the power of the motor controlling the operation of the garage door remain important considerations. Every time your garage door opens or closes automatically, the precise operation of this equipment matters- a lot!

Does the correct operation of my garage’s automatic doors enhance my family’s safety?

Today, correctly functioning automatic overhead garage doors must descend and rise at precisely controlled rates of speed in order to promote safety. Additionally, manufacturers usually include sensor devices with the doors to prevent them from descending on unwary pets or small children. Doors should stop automatically if a child runs under the descent path, for instance. Door manufacturers strive to ensure the safety of customers and their families and property by preventing overhead doors from falling shut suddenly.

What steps should I take if my overhead automatic doors don’t open and close in a consistent, regularly-timed manner?

If you notice any mechanical issues developing with your garage door assembly, consider seeking skilled professional repair assistance. A malfunctioning automatic door can impose risks because of its massive weight. In the past, falling doors sometimes caused home and workplace accidents.

My garage door carries a strong 20 year warranty. Do I still need periodic door inspections?

Even doors with long warranties contain parts which require periodic maintenance. For instance, garage door springs typically require replacement every few years. These components perform strenuous work supporting heavy doors, so they will usually wear out long before other components.

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