If you conduct business in bustling Nashville TN, you’ve likely noticed the presence of roll up garage doors in many commercial settings. This brief blog post will provide some basic information about these specialized (and very popular) types of commercial garage doors:

Different Commercial Garage Doors For Diverse Enterprises

First, remember automatic garage doors must often meet specific fire safety and strength requirements, depending upon the industry and the type of commercial activity undertaken at a place of business. The general information presented here may vary based upon a customer’s unique market niche. If your company requires doors meeting specific parameters, you’ll want to communicate that information to your garage door marketing team in order to obtain assistance locating customized doors suitable for your firm’s needs.

Typically, commercial roll up garage doors fit standard sizes today. The 30’4″ in length by 28’4″ in height dimension has gained widespread acceptance.(1) (Customers can, of course, obtain roll up automatic doors in other dimensions, too.) An overhead roll up door will ascend and descend easily, allowing employees to transport material to and from loading areas conveniently. Most manufacturers employ durable aluminum or steel in this type of product, since these doors must sustain heavy daily use. To enhance energy efficiency, you may choose to order insulated commercial garage doors.

Types of Roll Up Doors

Today, customers can order a wide variety of excellent roll up doors. These range from service doors to rolling security grilles (typically composed of steel) to shutter-like countertop doors (designed mainly for interior use) and much thinner roll up aluminum sheet doors (commonly utilized in self-storage facilities). Rolling doors all share certain features in common. They roll up automatically or manually to maximize available workspace and facilitate materials handling.

In the past, white commercial doors predominated. However, today customers obtain roll up doors in an amazing variety of styles and colors. For instance, recently some service companies have begun using roll up doors with extensive window paneling, adding to the aesthetic qualities of garages and auto dealerships.

Fire Rating Issues

The activities conducted within a facility often influences the need to select roll up doors meeting specific fire ratings. Some manufacturers have developed rolling garage doors which will close automatically when a fire alarm sounds, for instance. These doors may help prevent the spread of a fire through a facility.

Doors carry different fire ratings, depending upon the construction materials utilized during the fabrication process and the insulation levels (if any). You’ll want to check with your local Fire Marshall and OSHA compliance officer to help determine the optimal rating level for the rolling doors selected for use by your company. In general, selecting fire-resistant doors may cost more initially, but may also offer attractive business insurance discounts over the long term.

Roll Up Door Problems, Pros And Cons

Individual roll up doors may require replacement commercial garage door parts over the course of time. It remains a wise idea to use trained repair specialists to troubleshoot potential problems with this equipment. Checking door balance, cleaning and lubricating roller tracks, and performing other maintenance tasks helps minimize work interruptions.(2)

Pros: These doors offer the advantages of convenience and ease of use.

Cons: Expense may become an issue in some situations involving customized roll up doors.

Learning about this equipment assists a company’s bottom line. Especially if your enterprise depends upon a loading dock or other cargo handling or merchandise storage facility, these doors may prove cost-effective!  All Four Seasons Commercial Garage Doors Nashville TN is your source for expert advice and installation of the top brands and models of roll up doors for your business. Call us at 615-274-8419 or click on us:  All Four Seasons Commercial Garage Doors Nashville TN

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