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Garage Door Safety Concerns

The garage door is undoubtedly the largest moving object in most homes. The sheer magnitude and complexity of the garage door, makes it one of the most dangerous of all the home fittings. A garage door comes with several components that need cautious handling, the components include torsional springs, section joints, corner brackets, safety links, garage door openers and remote control. The other equally dangerous parts include extension springs, photo-electric eyes and sensing edges and lift handles and pull ropes. The extension and torsional springs are used for balancing. The torsional spring is usually fixed under high tension; for this reason, it requires the use of specialized adjustment tools during repair and maintenance. The photo-electric eyes and sensing edges on some garage doors is normally mounted 6 inches over the floor, on both sides of the garage door.Garage Door Repair Roswell GA may be needed.

The garage door opener, on the other hand, is usually purchased separately from the main garage door. This motorized electric component is used for opening and closing the doors. Some garage doors are built to operate using a remote control mounted on the openers. These remotes often use keyless entry, push buttons or handheld devices. Garage remote controls should always be kept away from children because they can cause serious injuries.

Children and Garage Doors

The main dangers posed by the garage doors in children include; entrapment, risk of children playing with the garage door, photo-electric eye concerns and the risk of falling victim to Carbon Monoxide in the garage. The other concerns include poor quality installation, Needed Garage Door Repair Roswell GA, risks posed by lead paint, dangers of a falling garage door and the perils posed by children sticking their little fingers between the section joints.


If you want your garage door to operate properly and safely, you need to take all the necessary precautions to avoid the risk of injuries, especially among children who are most vulnerable. The top 10 tips to observe in order to ensure the safety of your household when using a garage door include:

  • Understand that a garage door and its opener are dangerous if misused.
  • Adult members of the family should at all times discourage children from operating any garage door operating system such as the wall push button and remote control. These devices should be kept out of the reach of children
  • Children of all ages should never be allowed to play with the garage door. This precautionary measure also includes keeping children away from the entrance or near the garage door systems to prevent injury.
    When the garage door is opening or closing, makes sure there is no individual or animal trying to get in or out of the doors.
  • Never stand, walk or race under a moving garage door. It is always important to make sure that the garage door is in full view, when it is in operation. This will help prevent the occurrence of any unforeseeable accidents.
  • Fingers and hands should always be kept off an operating garage door to avoid the risk of injury.
  • The garage door should be properly maintained, to keep it safe during use. You can routinely perform a number of exercises including, checking the safety cables and lubrication rails. However, for the long term, you can institute periodic maintenance and checks by a professional technician.

If the door has been hit accidentally with a bigger force, it is always important to have it examined by a professional, even if nothing serious has happened. This is a critical because small problems can add up to create serious safety issues in future.

Always remember that your garage door operates on electricity, as such, all the necessary precautions to this end must be observed.

The garage door manual should be kept closer to the garage door to encourage quicker referencing. It is instructive to note that every garage door model comes with its own unique user and safety instructions.

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