Garage Door Repair Buckhead GA

People rely on their garage door to work smoothly and efficiently. It is always a shock and an inconvenience when the garage door jams or does not operate properly. The fact is that a broken garage door is more than just an inconvenience. A malfunctioning garage door is a danger to the entire family. Many of us have heard those stories about garage doors malfunctioning and a child or innocent victim getting trapped under the door or crushed. Certainly, it is important to repair the garage door as soon as possible. Most people call in the professionals to repair the door. However, some basic repairs are easily completed by anyone that is handy with a few household tools.

Garage Door Troubleshooting

Often, garage door malfunction problems are due to a worn out spring. Of course, there are numerous other reasons why the door stopped functioning properly. Troubleshooting involves determining the reason why the door is malfunctioning. Don’t rush through this step. It is important to take the proper time to solve the problem and think about some Garage Door Repair Buckhead GA.

Typical Problems

Let’s take a look at a few typical problems that might have happened to you.

Door Moving – You are busy getting your gear out of the trunk of the car. You turn around and the garage door is moving up and down. You probably think that someone is playing a joke on you or the door’s gone crazy. Mass produced garage doors, share the same security code. Obviously, someone in the area has the same security code, and it is affecting your door. Here is the solution: Simply change your code.

Garage Door Only Goes Half Way Down Then Reverses – First, check around the area. Something might be obstructing the sensor mechanism in the opener. Make sure the sensor lens is clear. Remove any obvious obstructions in the area and try again. If the opener continues to malfunction, the problem might be due to a bad or worn out spring cable.

Door Does Not Respond – You press the door transmitter and the door does not open. Check the power source. Perhaps, the batteries need replacing in the transmitter. Install fresh batteries. If the problem persist, continue troubleshooting for solutions. For example, try checking the transmitter. Is the transmitter damaged? If so, you might need a replacement. Other causes are a broken torsion spring or broken suspension spring.

Weird Noises – Perhaps, this has happened to you. You grab the transmitter to open the door and hear a loud roaring or squeaking noise. This is a sign that the ball bearings, rollers, or hinges are rusty. Apply lubricating oil to those sections to solve those issues.

Door Strains – You press the transmitter button to open the door. The door moves slowly and seems to strain under the pressure. This is a sign that the torsion spring or extension spring requires immediate replacement. Replace before the door fails and causes injury or damage to the property.

Once you’ve completed troubleshooting the garage door and performed a few minor repairs like lubricating squeaky doors or installing batteries, you might still find that the door is not working properly. Don’t attempt to perform any type of major repair on the garage door. Don’t attempt to install bolts, springs, or other internal mechanisms. Instead, contact a professional garage door repair service for major issues with the garage door. All four Seasons Garage Door Repair Buckhead GA is your choice for any garage door problem. This is for your safety and to make sure that the door is repaired properly.

Perhaps, consider installing a new garage door for smoother, quieter, and trouble free operation. Furthermore, a new garage door adds instant value and curb appeal to your home. Consult with a professional today for more information.

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