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Extra living space in the garage

One of the most neglected areas of any home is the garage, especially its door. There are three different basic types of overhead garage doors. These are Tilt-up (a single panel that lifts into the ceiling), Roll-up (consisting of several small sections, joined) and Sectional (three or four panels joined together). The latter two roll up into a ball when raised. The most common doors are the sectional units.

Steel is the most common material used for garage doors and offers the best security. However, garage door material is also available in aluminum, wood and fiberglass. In coastal areas, aluminum is preferred because of its resistance to corrosion and rust. Garage doors Canton GA are subject to humid summer days that can be hard on other materials.

Many people do not realize that their energy bills can increase when garage doors are not insulated. Rigid sheets, cellulose, loose fiberglass, and wool are the most common insulation used for this purpose. The energy savings rating, listed by the Department of Energy, is from 3.2 to 6.5 per inch. This is a measure of the insulation to heat or cold.

Full insulation will protect the car and the garage contents from changes in the weather. This provides an even temperature level, which means a person going to work can enter a warm car rather than having to wait until the car is warmed by its heater. Good insulation will maintain an even temperature regardless of the heat or cold of the outside weather.

Many people turn their garage into a den, family room or other use and begin by making sure the garage door is securely fastened. By building a wall in front of the door, it is easy to insulate the entire garage and cover the walls and door with sheetrock. It is recommended that the floor also be insulated with R-4 insulation material, which is especially manufactured for concrete.

Once this is done, a person has the opportunity to let their imagination take over with a floor covering, bright paint, effective lighting and so forth. This can be a project for the entire family.

Once the purpose of the room is decided, it is simply a matter of choosing colors and letting the imagination run wild. Some people put on a basic coat of paint and then use their own painting talents to decorate the walls. If there are no windows in the garage, it is possible to attach a window frame to one of the walls and add a colorful curtain. With light colors, plants and other decorations it can easily become one of the most popular rooms in a home.

When making the garage into a family room, for example, comfortable furniture, a TV, bookshelves and games of interest can make it an enjoyable place for relaxation. This allows mom or any member of the family to escape the stress of a busy day. Just being able to relax and enjoy some silent moments is often all one needs to recoup their energy.

Some people turn it into a children’s play area. This provides the opportunity to relieve clutter in the rest of the house. Others use it for older children to play their musical instruments, have friends over, play games and so forth. In reality, there is an endless opportunity to develop an extra room on any home by simply converting the garage.

Regardless of what one’s plans are, it all starts with the garage door. Making sure they are in good working order and properly insulated is extremely important. On occasion, something will go wrong with the door’s mechanism. If this occurs, there are many experienced garage door repair companies available who are only a phone call away.

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