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Garage Door Break-ins

Garage doors are just another way burglars can easily find entry into a home. Many people believe that if their garage door is secured, that their home is safe. Sadly, this is not the case. That is even more scary news for parents that are always cautious about protecting their children and keeping families safe in their homes. Also, this theft happens all across the country. 2,000,000 home break-ins are reported to the police every year in America. The F.B.I. says that a house is broken into every thirteen seconds also in the United States. Last year in 2014, in Atlanta, Georgia alone, 4,481 homes were broken into. All hope is not lost though, especially if you can find out and learn how burglars enter your garage. With this knowledge, you can safeguard your garage and home from those that unlawfully attempt to enter your home.

How Burglars Break in

Garage doors Woodstock GA have become a target more and more for thieves that have planned out more ways of entering people’s property. One method has to do with placing a wedge at the top of the garage doors that have glass on them that gives them a way to look inside the garage. Through the space that is created by the wedge, a criminal may use a wire (something as simple as a coat hanger that has been straightened out metal hanger may be used) to release the emergency lock on a garage door. A piece of wood can easily be used to make the wedge in the door. It may only take a few seconds to immobilize the garage door lock and enter the garage. There are tips that are important and also relatively easy to ensure that your garage will be kept safe from unlawful entry.


The first step is so basic. Lock your garage door. So many would-be thieves just walk up to unlocked garage doors which makes it so easy to rob a garage and even possibly the house. Also, be sure to keep your garage door closed all the time. No matter if you are just leaving your home for a few minutes, close the garage door and lock it. It only takes a burglar a few minutes to get access to it and clean it out. You also need to secure the garage door by making it as secure as your front door. Also, once the robber is done with your garage, they are going to try and enter the house. Having a door to the house that is made of solid core wood or reinforced steel will slow a robber own and may even prevent them from entering the home. Lighting is very important also. Be sure and place a bright light close to the garage to stop burglars from coming on or into your property. Having a light with a motion sensor is a good idea, but it is not absolutely necessary. Make sure the lighting is where thieves cannot reach it. There are a few more ideas to prevent thieves from entering your garage door.

Also, after the car is empty, be sure to not leave the keys in the ignition. That is often the largest mistake that happens when it comes to keeping property secure, especially since people often have their home, office, and storage keys on their key rings. A person ought to just sign over all their property to burglars if they leave their keys in their car.

Automatic garage door openers are easy for homeowners, but they also make it easy for thieves to access other’s people property. The reason for this that burglars often use “code grabbers,” which is an electronic tool that records the radio signal from your remote to the opener permitting them to have the same entry to the garage door that the owner has. The up-to-date garage door openers make it harder for thieves to steal the codes because their remotes send out a new security code every time the owner which makes it almost impossible for a robber to get the code.

Marking property is a good idea also. Putting the owner’s names on the high dollar items inside the garage door may help people in the long run because thieves have trouble pawning items with people’s names on them. Also, if items are stolen and located in the future, it is easier for the police to get them back to who they belong to. This makes it very easy to return to the people it belongs to.

Last, it is a great idea to have a home security system put in. If a home is robbed, an alarm makes a very loud noise and law enforcement comes out to the home. This makes it very possible that the thieves will be caught and the owner can get a discount on their homeowner’s insurance if they purchase an alarm system.

Many people do not know what valuable items they keep in their garage if the garage doors are broken into and there is nothing left in there. These ideas and tips that I have provided should really help any homeowner keep their property and themselves safe from anyone who wishes to steal from them and/or do them harm.

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