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Spring Cleaning: 3 Simple Steps

Spring brings with it the motivation to move, change, and grow. Whether it’s a bountiful garden or a new deck, spring is the perfect time to plan projects- projects that start in the garage. When you spring clean your garage, your summer projects are limitless!

Spring cleaning can be intimidating, however, especially when considering a space like a garage. Garages become anything you need them to be- car protection, tool storage, a giant pantry- but like any space, they are only useful when they are cleared of clutter, organized, and stocked with necessities.

Goodbye Clutter

Clutter isn’t just trash collecting in a corner. It’s anything taking up space that isn’t benefiting you. If you didn’t use it last year, you probably won’t use it this year either. Toss out the old hose you keep meaning to repair. Donate the bicycle you haven’t ridden in years. The paint from the kitchen remodel expired a long time ago. (Make sure you dispose of paint, batteries, and other household hazardous waste in a safe way.

Choose to let go of anything that isn’t useful to you right now- not something that could be useful to you someday. Sometimes that means admitting that it’s trash and tossing it. Sometimes that means admitting that you need to let your trash be another man’s treasure. Garage sales are one way to get rid of clutter, but make sure you commit to donating anything that doesn’t bring you profit.

Make space for your DIY summer. Start with a clean slate and room for whatever new ideas come up! Making room for new ideas clears cobwebs in both your physical and mental space. Now you just need to be able to find everything…

Hello Organization

If you can’t find your favorite gadget in your garage, a lovely afternoon turns into a frustrating span of hours spent rummaging through boxes with no sense of accomplishment. Take the time now to put everything in its place, and reap the benefits all summer long!

One of the best ways to help yourself is to organize your garage into sections based on projects. If you have gardening tools, they should be on a shelf near the potting soil. Hammers and nails should be in the same vicinity as screws, brackets, and power drills. By keeping items for similar tasks in the same place, you make every future project more efficient.

Adding shelving or cabinets to your garage can help, as can plastic storage boxes. Make sure that storage space in your garage doesn’t take over the space you need to finish your work. Overhead storage and shelving can make sure you have plenty of space to build a better compost, or whatever you have planned.


While organizing shelves and de-cluttering spaces, you might notice that you need a new hose, or that some of your tools are rusting, or that you’re completely out of zip ties. Take note of these as you go, and prepare yourself for the summer of fun before you.

We mean it- write them down. Whether you type notes into your phone or use a pen and paper, writing down your garage shopping list ensures that you won’t be derailed by a trip to the store for that one missing piece. Look for your missing items at other people’s garage sales, or watch for sales at local hardware stores. Knowing what you need allows you to take advantage of great deals. If you prepare now, summertime will be a breeze.

Ready to give your garage some love? Take a ook at your garage door while you’re at it! Talk to All Four Seasons Garage Door Maintenance Acworth GA for ideas, especially if your garage door is a bit noisy or worn.