Repairing dents on garage doors can become an item on the to do list many times in one year. Many of these aluminum or steel garage doors dent easily, and with kids playing around in close proximity, it is bound to happen. Sometimes just bumping against them or accidently pushing against them can create a dent. These dents are usually caused on the outside of the garage doors making them less appealing. While there are many tips and tricks to bring out a dent on a garage door, it can be tedious and dangerous if you have not done it before.

Garage door professional companies can easily remove these dents, and leave a garage door looking like new. Replacing a dented garage door can be expensive and may be your only option if there are too many big dents involved. A professional garage door company can best advise you of your less expensive options, or give you a good price on a new one…to include installation, which is not something recommended to do on your own without the experience and skills.

For very small dents on a garage door, hitting the door from behind may bring out part of the dent. Then with some 120-grit sandpaper, sanding it down a bit would get it ready to use a body filler, wait for it to dry, and sand it down again. After it is sanded down to a flush feel, then you are ready to prime the area, let that dry, and proceed to paint.

When deciding if you should repair a garage door, make sure that you have the skills and know exactly what you are doing. These garage doors are heavy and can be dangerous trying to do the job yourself. Beware of people that say they can do it for a few bucks and don’t have the skills to fix a problem with your garage door. Getting a few estimates may be a better option to this project. This will avoid accidents, overpricing, and an improper installation or repair of a garage door. There is more to the job than just the door, but rather making sure the remote, track and spring are properly working together as a garage door opens and closes.

A well maintained, and installed garage door can last many years without having to replace it. Garage door need a little adjusting from time to time, and a professional garage door tech can make sure that everything is properly working, or if some part will need replacing. This will extend the life of the garage door without having to replace it for ignoring to maintain it properly.

A house on the market for sale can also lose some appeal, if the garage door does not work properly or looks very damaged. As most homebuyers know that it can be expensive to replace, or are not interested in fixing dents themselves. And because most garages are the first thing you see as you drive up a driveway, a dented, scratched, or broken down garage door would really be an eyesore for a house with a for sale sign. A well maintained garage door, adds to the safety and security of a home, deterring thieves from breaking in. Ask for professional advice and estimates before taking the job yourself, It can help save time, and money from improper repairs.

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