New garage doors add to the appearance of a home, improve security, create better energy efficiency and value. Pricing for materials and work varies widely. Choosing the type of door is just as critical as the contractor you hire to do the work. A durable and reliable garage door takes professional installation as much as quality materials.
Regardless of the style of door, cheap materials will fail early and require repairs within the first few years. All common garage doors will function well at first, but in time, small parts will begin failing unless they are made of quality materials. Rollers, springs, the motor, and electronic controls must work as one. Since all parts work together, as simple as the system is, when one part fails the garage door stops working. Opening and closing manually will be difficult or impossible.

Most consumers don’t think about security until there is a problem. Sophisticated burglars can defeat cheap controllers. The hand held opener transmits a signal to the motor. The frequency can be discovered, or a broad range transmission can be generated that overrides it.

A first consideration is the materials used. Vinyl doors are durable and weather well in wet or humid environments. Vinyl is a low maintenance option. The color is impregnated into the material, thus no need for painting. Steel is very durable but subject to rust. The best advantage of steel is its potential for strength and durability.

Lightweight fiberglass is a good substitute for wood. Fiberglass can be formed to look almost like wood, and only upon a close examination would anyone think otherwise. Although potentially more expensive, many homeowners want the look and feel of natural wood. Wood doors require more maintenance, needing periodic painting.

Glass and aluminum as materials offer a new and modern look. There are a vast variety of designs and combinations to choose from. With the wide variety of finishes, the possibilities run from simple to sophisticated.

For energy efficiency, insulation is always a consideration. Available materials offer varying degrees of thermal protection, both to keep the garage warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Glass, that itself can be insulated, allows light to enter the garage by day. Savings are realized because cold and heat have a lower transfer rate between the garage and home. Windows mean less need for lighting.

In all, when it comes to style, from standard to innovative, and from modern to classic, homeowners have as many choices as they can imagine. Standard design choices offer value. Custom designs offer consumers the widest possible choices, although at a higher cost.

No matter the quality of the materials, a good installation improves the service life of garage doors. The rails and pulleys, as well as springs and screw drives, must be in balance and symmetrical. Any misalignment causes extra wear and early failures.

The investment in materials can be lost with poor installation due to recurring repairs. The experienced professional will have an established company, a good online reputation, offer locally competitive rates, have materials on hand, and offer a wide variety of designs. Their service and repair services must be readily available and cost effective. Many online services offer ratings. Beware of over the phone estimates. A contractor asking for high advances is likely a poor choice. Onsite free estimates are a must.

In the end, the smart consumer gets what they need and want. Garage doors add to curb side appeal and homeowner satisfaction. Both functional and visually pleasing garage doors are an investment in the home and your lifestyle.


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