Commercial garage doors can be divided into three main types. Sectional, rolling and sheet doors all have their own unique look, function and purpose and there are varieties of each that suit some businesses better than others.

Sectional doors are divided into hinged sections. They are more efficient, aesthetically pleasing and run much smoother than rolling or sheet doors. However sectional doors tend to take up more space when elevated. Rolling doors, on the other hand save a lot of space because they coil up when elevated. They are easier to repair because a few of the metal slats can be easily replaced if dented. But if you really want a cheap and efficient commercial garage door, then a sheet door is the best choice. Often referred to as steel curtains or coiling sheet doors, they offer excellent security but the least amount of insulation. Sectional, rolling and sheet garage doors each have positive attributes but what types of models of each are available?

Sectional doors are known for their excellent insulation and elegant appearance. The aluminum rail and stile, raised panel and ribbed garage door are types of sectional doors that each typically have 4-20 windows. Aluminum rail and stile doors have the most windows, as they are composed entirely of windows with rail (short piece) and stile (longer piece) metal borders. Raised panel garage doors have less windows, but showcase beautiful woodwork that is composed of flat raised squares enclosed in textured borders. Ribbed sectional garage doors have the simplest design, as they are composed of sections of grooved metal sheets. Ribbed garage doors are organized according to the thickness of the metal sheet. For example, a 16-gauge steel door would be more durable than a 27-gauge steel door.

Rolling doors can be insulated and used for service, traffic and fire protection. Rolling service doors can be seen in places such as loading docks. Traffic rolling doors are unique, as they are not made of metal but heavy duty fabric. Traffic doors can open and close faster and are thereby best suited to close off portions of a warehouse. However rolling traffic doors should be used in addition to other garage doors, as they do not provide proper security on their own. Rolling fire doors are similar to rolling service doors, but will close automatically when it detects temperatures of 165 degrees. Smoke from a fire or the fire alarms in a building can also cause the door to close. 

Sheet door models are constructed for light or heavy duty work and can even come with wind load certification, meaning that the door will not yield to high wind speeds. Sheet doors operate like rolling doors but with less insulation and less model variety. Even so these doors can be counted on to do their job well, which is sometimes all a business owner desires from a garage door.

All garage doors in the commercial garage door industry can be narrowed down to three categories: sectional, rolling and sheet doors. Aluminum rail and stile, raised panel and ribbed garage doors are several varieties of sectional garage doors. All models of sectional garage doors are known for their aesthetic views and excellent insulation. Rolling garage doors have the largest variety of models available ranging from the metal service doors to the simpler fabric traffic doors. Sheet garage doors have the simplest design and functionality of all and remain the easiest to install, although they lack the insulation that the sectional and rolling commercial garage doors offer.

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