Types of Commercial Garage Doors Kennesaw GA

Garage doors designed for commercial use are made for those in industries such as auto body, storage facilities, and many others. These large doors are built durable and strong, made to withstand consistent and sometimes careless use by owners or customers. Several garage door styles are available to ensure that every business owner gets exactly what they are looking for. It is important to consider each style available before purchasing a garage door for your business needs because each has numerous advantages as well as disadvantages that you should be aware of.

Business owners have several different types of garage doors to choose from for installation at their business. Most popular garage door types for commercial businesses are the sectional garage door, the sliding door, the one-piece door, and the folding door. Of these, the sectional door is the most popular choice for most. Let’s learn more about the sectional door, as well as the other types of garage doors business owners can pick from.

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Sectional Garage Door

The sectional garage door uses three, four, or five panels that are fitted together with rollers and are attached with hinges. The rollers fit upon two tracks for easy operation. The door uses a torsion bar with a heavy-duty torsion spring to open and close. These two pieces also help balance the weight of the door. There is a motor available for the door, though manual operation is also available. A sectional garage door is available for purchase with windows or without and several styles of doors are available.

One -Piece Garage Door

The one-piece garage door was, at one time, the most popular of the styles available for commercial use. The door is still used today, although the sectional won the popularity battle and now it stands at a close second. A one piece garage door is just that; a solid door made of one piece. It is plain and solid, but serves its purpose of durability and protection perfectly. The door kicks out when it is opened or closed. This garage door type allows remote and manual operation.

Folding Garage Door

The folding garage door is also called the bi-fold door. The weather-tight doors are available in assorted styles and many choose them because of their ease of use as well as their low prices. The disadvantage of this type of door is that it doesn’t open as wide as some of the doors that are available. It is still very sturdy and durable, leaving it as a top choice for any business owner seeking a great garage door.

Roll- up Garage Door

Roll-up garage doors are constructed of metal slate that rolls up into a coil above the opening. These doors are great for extra security and protection at your facility and operate with ease with a remote or manually. The roll-up door is able to fit into tight spaces, a definite advantage any business owner can appreciate.

In addition to types of doors, it is als important to look at the materials the garage doors are made from. Commercial garage doors are constructed of various materials, including aluminum, metal, ribbed steel, and even with insulation. It is best to talk to your installation expert concerning the best type of garage door and garage door materials for your needs.

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