Don’t Let Your Garage Door Ruin Your Plans

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Funny thing those garage doors, they never fail at a convenient time. Whether you are opening the door or closing it, chances are you’ve just arrived home and want to secure the contents that are stored in your garage or you are leaving and wish to do the same. It could even be worst, your garage door could fail with your vehicle trapped inside and you needing to be someplace. Regardless of when or how, the bottom line is that your garage door has failed and now your plans, whatever they may be have just been ruined.

Rarely do garage doors fail without warning, often times the pending failure screams out to the homeowner for weeks and even months but are ignored, often with our standard excuse of, “I’ll take a look at that a little later”. How often has that excuse bitten you in the backside? If you are the average person, it’s happened plenty of times.

Not all pending garage door failures wave a big flag in our face however, sometimes they are more discrete, but rarely are pending failures unidentifiable. All it takes is being a little pro-active and most, if not all of your future garage door failures can be avoided. Dedicated 10 to 15 minutes, once or twice a year could be the difference in making or missing an important appointment or picking up the kids from school on time.

Here are a few simple inspections items that can help you avoid garage door failure:

Once a month, take a minute and give your entire garage door system a good looking over. Many times pending problems are staring us right in the face but since we are not focused on them, we walk right past them.

A couple times per year, take the time to look over all the garage door hardware for missing and loose parts. Any discoveries you make you may be able to correct yourself or you can call on the assistance of a garage door professional.

With someone to assist you, listen and watch the rollers or screw, depending on the type of garage door opener you have. You do not have to be knowledgeable with either of these components, if everything looks to be working normal it probably is. Conversely, if something catches your attention, chances are it is a problem in the making. Once or twice a year is a good interval for this inspection. And a note of caution here, keep your distance from all moving parts. A good inspection can be conducted from several feet away and without making physical contact with the garage door system.

If your garage door opener operates on a cable system, the cables should be visually inspected for damage and fraying. Doing this once or twice a year should keep you out of trouble.

Last, if you are physically able and your garage door can disengaged from the opener (usually a lever that allows you to do this), open and close the door manually. If you find the door is hard to raise and lower, chances are the door opener motor does too and should be looked at.

Conducting a routine inspection of your  Johns Creek garage door can root out trouble spots and gives you time to schedule a visit from a qualified technician who will not only correct what you have discovered in your inspection but will also allow for a more professional inspection of your garage door system as well as an opportunity to perform a little preventative maintenance.

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