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You are driving home from work and all you want to do is relax and have dinner. Finally, you turn into your driveway and open the doors. You aren’t really happy with the way they look but at least they still work. Wait a minute… they are not opening! Maybe they don’t work. You try everything, yet the doors won’t open after all. Your car is stuck in the driveway for the night while you figure out a solution. Maybe it’s time to have your garage doors replaced!


There are many considerations when thinking about a door that is right for you and your family. Something within your budget with efficient operation and visual appeal will ensure that next time you come home from work, you will be happy with where you park your car. It is an investment, so it only makes sense to shop smart and know what you are looking for.


You will have a wide variety to choose from. There are the more durable steel and aluminum doors or the more fashionable wood and fiberglass products. You can select a particular panel design that you prefer from an array of possibilities. A flush panel design will blend more, while a raised style provides more depth. Carriage style doors are very popular now and there are many different options depending on your specific taste in décor. Contrasting painted panels can add an elegant look to the doors, but make sure that they don’t contrast too much with the rest of the house. Choose a color that matches well with the color of the exterior of your home. Make sure the blend is right since you don’t want them drawing extra focus. They should complement the appearance of the home but not be the first thing that people notice.


Remember the old days when you would have to stop, get out of your car and lift the heavy door open? Those days ended with the advent of the automatic door opener. Remote openers should be chosen with care since there are many different types in various price ranges with optional features. Some companies offer a silent version of the belt drive door opener, for those who do not prefer the clanking metal sound that can accompany chain drive models. The technology is much more advanced now, so the noise is not what it used to be.

Consider how much horsepower you require, as it depends on the weight of the doors. An LED light is an important feature, so check to make sure your new door opener has one. It should also have a remote control included, which can be attached to your car’s visor. There are many other accessories available. Some of them are more necessary than others. You will definitely need a strong weather seal and always be sure to install a secure lock.

Whether you choose a basic economical model or an expensive ornate version, keep these ideas in mind and you’ll know that you can shop with confidence since you have done your research and made your decisions ahead of time. Do your garage doors need to be replaced? Yes, and now you have the know-how to make it happen. So every time you drive into your driveway, you can be certain that your garage doors will open. They will look great too!

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