Residents across the country have one common similarity; they are all concerned about the security of the home they reside in. For the most part, that security lies in the way the windows and doors are monitored and whether they have what it takes to withstand an intruder. In the case of the Garage Doors, owners must spend a little more time ensuring that it functions efficiently, especially since it provides access to their vehicles. Most residents are in the habit of leaving the separating door between the kitchen and the garage open, which means that the added security of the garage door must be effective.

Fix the Noise

Due to its size, the garage door will have a tendency to be somewhat noisy, but that does not mean that owners should allow it to wake everyone up when it is being used. There are a few areas of the garage door that should be checked as part of your maintenance practices. These procedures will also keep the door running a lot quieter. In many cases, it is the rollers that make themselves known and that can be solved by replacing them. Hinges for the door may need to be updated and tightening all the loose nuts can also improve the performance and reduce the noise.

Clean and Lube

When you think of Garage Doors the thought of wiping everything down may not be on your mind, but the fact of the matter is that a wipe down followed by some lubrication in all movable parts will increase the life of your door. Owners will also experience a much smoother operating door and in the majority of instances, a lot less noisy. The garage door uses weather stripping to help maintain a controlled environment on the inside of the garage, take a closer look at it and replace it if necessary.


Just as you would renovate or paint the rest of your home, the size of your garage door makes it a perfect candidate for a paint job. The first step would be to prepare the surface and because of the proximity to the rear of your car, it probably accumulated a decent amount of smoke and dust. Borrow or rent a pressure washer and remove all the unwanted accumulation you can find. If you are working with a wooden door and there are any areas that need to be repaired, now would be the time to get that accomplished.

After everything has been removed and repairs have been carried out, allow the surface enough time to dry properly. The next stage will be to mask off the sides to protect it from paint contact. If there is a window, go ahead and tape it off. Lay a large canvas below the door to protect it from paint droppings. You will need to use an exterior primer to get started, assuming the door was never painted before. Allow a few hours for the primer to dry before applying the paint of your choice. To achieve the best results, consider using a paint sprayer to apply your paint.

Remotes and batteries

One of the weakest links in the Garage Doors of today is the electronics and that can apply to the remote control or the sensor. As part of your maintenance routine, take a closer look at your remote and determine whether the battery needs to be replaced. Batteries vary for remotes so it may be necessary to open the device first. Use this time to make sure that there is nothing obstructing the line of sight for your garage door sensor. If you end up replacing the battery, note the date and the kind of batteries that you used.

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