With autumn just around the corner, gardening fans in Atlanta GA and other parts of the country are busy getting their landscape ready for a new season. In fact, when the cool and wet fall season actually starts to kick in, there are longtime gardeners who say it is almost too late to sort out all the preparations needed before their plots of land freeze over. Thus, it is vital that gardens and yards be sorted out at the end of the summer season so there is plenty of time to figure out tasks for the fall season.

Your experts for Garage Doors Roswell GA put are just as passionate about gardening as you are. It adds curb appeal to the home and there’s nothing more pleasing to the eye as a beautiful and well taken-care of garden.

Caring for outdoor plants before the freeze

An important aspect of preparing your lawn and garden for autumn is linked to planning all outdoor tasks for at least a month before the expected first big freeze in your area. For instance, gardening fans in Atlanta GA say they have already begun to preparing their lawns and gardens because the fall season “seems to come fast every year” now with climate change patterns. Also, it is far better to sow various garden and lawn grasses now in September than waiting for October and the main autumn season.

Preparing lawns and gardens for fall

While there are many popular ways and means to get a garden or lawn ready for fall, the best tips do not cost a lot of time or money, say landscape experts commenting online.

For example, the trending autumn preparation tips include:

– Focus on the lawn first. According to landscape experts, the end of the summer season is a perfect time to germinate new lawn grasses; while using mulch and other ground covers to support a lawn’s root system now before the ground starts to freeze.

– Fertilize first and foremost. A healthy lawn requires lots of natural and slow release fertilizer and garden nutrients to weather the long cold and damp winter season.

– Spot herbicide spraying. The late summer and early fall season is still a good time to spray garden and lawns with natural weed products and pest herbicides, say experts.

– Focus on the overall landscape. Lawn and garden experts say “don’t forget shrubs, trees and perennials” now before the first fall freeze. Also, consider using compost if there are veggies growing in the garden.

– Pruning. This somewhat delicate garden necessity should be considered during the fall season because pruning during cold weather tends to harm trees and plants more than when doing it during the late summer and early fall, say gardening professionals commenting online.

– Pay attention to annuals and other plants. While the fall lawn and garden season is a time to get busy with all the major outdoor growing areas around one’s property, it is also a good idea to focus on the health of various container plants that require lots of sun, watering and attention before the winter season.

As your experts for garage doors Roswell GA would put it, “almost anything growing outdoors” needs the attention of the gardener or property owner because a good lawn, trees and plants will suffer if there is no fall preparation, say landscaping experts commenting online.

Lawn and garden care needed now

Overall, the view that gardens and lawns need attention before the fall season is based on proven results. For example, any outdoor property that is cared for with various garden and lawn care products is a plot of land that will endure the winter season and thrive when spring arrives.

Have more tips to share? We’d love to hear them!

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