People with homes that have invested in fine appointments like decorative garage doors also make the effort to cultivate nice lawns and organize their tools they need to do so. Nice lawns indicate a regimen of adequate soil preparation for the conditions that come with each season. The conditions of each season must be anticipated in order to prepare for the onset of the rigors that each season presents. A well-appointed do-it -yourselfer’s garage will have a section devoted to soil amendments.

Fertilizers and Amendments

Some of these supplies are fertilizers and nutrients that make the soil most suitable for growing. These products should be all natural and organic if possible. Currently, the guesswork has been taken out of fertilizers. They are now labeled not only for the season, but also for their purposes. Seed and feed fertilizers can be acquired, as well as, other combinations of fertilizers that have dual purposes, and they are labeled for those particular purpose. They also have suggestions for which seasons that adding these fertilizers will be most appropriate. A bag per season will last several years after the lawns have been successfully established. It is not necessary to store more because it will simply take up space. This is not conducive to the organized garage. There are other soil amendments beyond fertilizers. There are various types of bone and blood meals, as well as, forms of rock dust that can be used as amendments for lawns, fruiting and decorative trees.


In particular, lawns and gardens should be winterized, and after winter, they should be prepared for the upcoming growing season. As winter approaches, pruning should be a consideration. After the leaves have fallen, it is easier to determine which limbs need pruning. Any limbs that are crossing others should be pruned. Crossing limbs make trees grow irregular as competing limbs grow to compensate for the lack of sun that the crossing limbs cause.

In addition, this is the time to apply the amendments that will help the lawn recover from the summer stress and recover in the spring. These amendments will also help the lawn weather the rigors of harsh winters. This is also when cover crops can be seeded. In places with harsh winters, cover crops can keep the lawn green during the harshest winter months. These cover grasses will also die back when the weather warms, and provide the lawn’s first nutrients of the spring season.


Beyond lawn care, the implements that are used to care for the lawn throughout the season also have to be winterized. All gas implements have to be emptied of their remaining gas. This can be done by tipping the mowers, blowers and gas trimmers over and draining the gas, but it easier to simply use the remaining gas in the implement. This requires planning the last trimming and mowing tasks appropriately.

Additionally, hand tools have to be made ready for the inactive period of winter. Winterizing this lawn and garden equipment will extend the life of the implements greatly. A great tip is to fill a cheap hardware store five gallon plastic bucket with play sand. This sand is also available at hardware stores. Into this bucket filled with sand pour used motor and vegetable oil. When winterizing garden tools or simply before placing them away for short periods of time, drive the metal portion of the rakes, shovels and other implements into the oily sand. This will remove caked on dirt that can cause rust. In addition, the oily sheen will also prevent the implements form oxidizing. A lid can be placed on the bucket for years of use.

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