The garage is an understated area of the house but it holds one of your most important possessions – your car.Thus, when it comes to garage doors, you cannot afford to be lax. First and foremost, you should know that there are 4 basic types of garage doors – Swing Up, Swing Out, Slide or Roll Up. These basic garage door types have led to 9 variations of garage doors and the following points explain how different garage doors Marietta GA work.

Up and Over Canopy Door – This door has a height of about 8 feet and 1/3rd of the canopy protrudes out. The torsion spring, with drums attached to its side, lifts the door with the help of steel cables to provide full drive through. It can be motor operated as well.

Up and Over Retractable Door – Unlike Canopy, this kind of garage door eliminates cables and uses tension springs and lifting arms mounted on the side. The panels are supported by rollers on either side. This door is ideal for openings over 8 feet but the drive through width is reduced.

Up and Over Plus Retractable Door – This door overcomes the limitations of the previous type by positioning the lifting arms slightly higher on the door frame and panel. The working is exactly the same but full drive through is achieved by this door. It is most popular in a small 4×4 form.

Sectional Door – Almost 80% of garage doors in the US are sectional doors. The door is divided in 4 parts and instead of swinging up or out, the vertical tracks follow the garage’s roof-line into horizontal tracks. Every panel has rollers with positive movement, and allows large doors for the garage.We sell and service all types but Garage doors Marietta GA of this species is common.

Rolling Shutters – This door has roller shutters made from aluminum or steel rolling up and down a barrel for opening and closing functions. Usually, the structural opening is at the front of the door. A lot of variations regarding the slat construction of the door are available in the market.

Sliding Round the Corner Door – This garage door slides all through a single way and then curves around. It follows the wall of the garage back inside. For larger doors and vehicles, there are two panels with bi-parting and each of them slides in the opposite direction but works on the same function. The slats can be remote controlled and are made from steel, aluminum or classic timber.

Side Hinged Door – This door is ideal for openings over 10 feet. There is a sub frame made from timber or steel and the garage door hinges outwards with its help. No part of the door goes inside the garage but there are variations which can perform that task. This garage door can have 1/3 or 1/2 openings for allowing pedestrian or bicycle access

Silvelox Door – The weight of the panels of the door is counterbalanced with the weights present on either side. Steel cables or rollers are used for lifting the door when needed. When the door opens, only a small part protrudes at the front and the rest stays suspended inside without any tracks needed to support it.

Special and Customized Door – Depending on the garage, various special doors can be designed but the principle of them is the same as the basics discussed previously. There can be sliding doors for wider garages, rolling doors that offer better height, hinged doors with more openings. The panels of the door are made from timber or steel for supporting customized garages.

It is important to take note of the materials depending on the weather conditions of an area before choosing garage doors.

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