A garage door is like a blank canvas for the Christmas season. There are ways that you can decorate the door that will make it warm and inviting to guests or fun and fanciful for children. Decorating your garage doors Milton GA can be a family fun experience!


One of the easiest ways to decorate your garage door is by adding wreaths. You can add a wreath to the center of the door for a simple look. Add lights to the sides of the garage door for something that is a little more fun after you add the wreath. Consider using a large wreath in the center of the door with two smaller wreaths set lower on the door. 

 Greeting Card

If you want to decorate in a way that others on your street haven’t thought of, then make a greeting card on your door. Get a few cards that you have received, and find a design that you enjoy. Put the feet of Santa at the top of the door to look like he is stuck, then add presents at the bottom that look like they have fallen from his sack of toys. There are decals that you can get to place on your door if you don’t want to take the time to cut everything from paper.


A scene that is tranquil is a dark blue background with Santa and his sleigh flying over a row of houses. This is something ideal for garage doors that roll up or those that have multiple panels. Celebrate the holiday in a cheerful manner by adding the words Merry Christmas If you have a cinder block garage, then consider a shabby chic design. You can add a lamp post with snowflakes and red bows or a winter snow scene. A nativity scene is an idea for those who want to make sure the religious aspect of Christmas comes across for the holiday season.

 Make a Plan

When you decorate your garage door, take the time to make sure any lights or bows are trapped in the rollers. You don’t want to ruin your decorations by opening and closing the door. Lights can be placed on your door in any fashion, but try to make them fit the rest of the design if you want them to blend with a picture. Lights around the border of the garage door with a design in the center, like a candy cane or Christmas tree, will make a beautiful display.

Make a plan for your design before you place anything on the door so that you can get proper placement. Hooks that are made for the surface of the garage door are best to use so that nothing falls. Garland is something that can complete a project, but make sure you remove any pieces that brown while they are outside. Red ribbons placed sporadically on the garland will add sophistication to the door if you want something more elegant. You can also add white lights for a charming look. When you choose the colors of the lights, try to find something that will blend with the rest of the decorations that are on the outside of the home. If you have fun displays, then colored lights would probably work best instead of something like red bows and white lights. Keep a consistent theme so that your garage doors Milton GA will be a beautiful sight for all to see.

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