The FBI website recently reported that in 2013, people in the United States suffered an estimated 8,632,512 property crimes, or approximately 2,730.7 per 100,000 individuals. (Visit for more information.) Since car thefts, vandalism, and burglaries sometimes occur as crimes of opportunity, it pays homeowners to take a few simple affordable steps to enhance their security.

Many householders also utilize security systems, as well, and these suggestions are not intended as a substitute for a well maintained professional security system.

1. Keep doors and windows locked, including garage doors North Atlanta GA and windows and car doors. Every year, preventable losses occur because of a failure to lock up. Burglars who prowl neighborhoods seeking means of entry into dwellings will likely target an unlocked home in preference to one that remains more difficult to access.

2. Make certain that your locks remain secure and in good working condition. Security experts may recommend installing solid core exterior doors (as opposed to hollow ones, which can be kicked open more easily). Adding a deadbolt lock usually provides additional protection. A chain lock installed at a convenient distance a few feet above the handle allows some one inside to partly open the door, without fully unlocking it.

3. Maintain lawns and shrubs in trim, tidy condition. Overgrown yards sometimes attract burglars because the premises appear unkempt and vacant. So it remains a wise idea to mow the grass regularly, maintain flower beds, trim bushes and remove any debris that blows onto the grounds.

4. Don’t allow the premises to look vacant. Residents may find it useful to request the Post Office to hold mail temporarily. It can be collected for pick up later. Sometimes burglars may search for houses with accumulated newspapers or overflowing mailboxes, because these places appear vacant.

5. Remove concealing vegetation. Plants growing too close to doors or windows might offer a lurking burglar concealment while breaking into the home. Greater visibility around the structure increases the chance that someone passing by will observe a break-in and summon police. Plus, tall vegetation very close to doors and windows poses a fire hazard in some settings.

6. Consider adding exterior lighting. Well lit entrances, garage exteriors, driveways and exterior walkways at night possibly deters some burglaries and definitely enhances safety by reducing the chance of a nasty slip and fall in the dark.

7. Put things away. When your household is finished using outdoor tools, bikes, motorcycles, lawn mowers, etc.,…, safely secure these items. Putting away property inside a secure garage after routine daily use reduces the chance it will go missing.

8. Consider installing a narrow security view hole in exterior doors. These lenses allow occupants to see people on porches and front steps. In some situations, a homeowner may want to eyeball the scene outdoors without relying on security cameras, which might be removed or obstructed by thieves.

9. Consider adding a dog to your household. Dogs provide some crime deterrence, because they may alert the family to prowlers.

10. Maintain garage door security. New automatic garage doors generally offer better protection than older, manually opened doors. An automatic garage door opener also may permit a resident to safely enter a home from the car through an interior garage entrance without having to first exit the car outside to open the exterior garage door- a very significant plus. Replace worn or malfunctioning garage doors North Atlanta GA!

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