Garage Doors Kennesaw GA: Choosing the Right Type of Garage Door

Choosing a new garage door can be a complicated matter especially if you are unaware of the dizzying array of options that are available these days. Although they are often forgotten about until the time comes, garage doors are actually a very important investment for two major reasons. First, the door is the protection against the elements and intruders for the family car and other prized possessions. If the garage is attached to the house that can also be an entry point for an intruder- so the garage door must protect the family as well. Secondly, the appearance of the garage door can enhance or detract from the look of your home and entire property. There is nothing sadder than a nice home with an uncared for, falling apart garage door marring its appearance. 

The Basics

Having some idea of what you would like is important. Choosing basics like color and style should be the easier part of selecting your new garage door and then you can move on to the more technical aspects like material, accessories and installation. Don’t be surprised if you change your original ideas once you see the possibilities, though. There really are an amazing number of options. Have a look around your neighborhood garage doors kennesaw GA, to get some general ideas especially if you are looking to make a major change. If there is one that stands out to you get a picture if possible and ask for style names and other recommendations. Pictures of your garage may also be helpful to you because you will be able to compare colors and style of possible garage doors while you are looking around.


Material is an important matter and should be selected based on what will work best for your area, your garage and your budget. Garage doors can be made from a wide variety of materials ranging from classic wood or steel to fiberglass, aluminum or vinyl. Each material has its pros and cons that should be weighed out. Most can be made in all of the designs the seller/installer carries and most also come in a variety of colors. Some materials can be custom painted to perfectly match your home and garage’s appearance if you would prefer.


Do you want windows in your garage door? If you choose windows you will also have to choose the style, shape and size of those windows. Most garage doors can accommodate a window of many designs with some greatly enhanced by the addition of a window. The choice of having a window may depend entirely on how you use the garage. If it is solely for storage than you might choose not to have it so that others cannot peek in to see what you have. If you use the garage to work on projects or as a retreat of sorts then you might be more comfortable with a window that you can look out of every now and then.


Believe it or not, insulation is also a key decision that needs to be made as well. Each material offers different levels of protection against the elements but insulation can be added to the design in many cases as well. Insulation might be more important if your garage is attached to the house as it will help keep the home free from unwanted drafts and energy loss.


Security should not be overlooked when choosing a door. You will want to choose a door that offers protection against intruders and is resistant to tampering. For an added level of protection, you might want to ask about having a garage door alarm added during installation.


Finally, you will want a garage door that operates with ease. You will probably be looking at including a garage door opener during installation. The brand and model of opener that you choose might depend on the type of door that you want and can be discussed during the ordering process.

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