One year during the holiday season, a homeowner was rushing to get to an appointment. He ran out to his old garage door, unlocked it and lifted it up. He then raced to get into his car and began to back up quickly. Little did he know, the spring on the old garage door was wearing and the huge heavy wooden door slammed down on the trunk of his car. 

The homeowner was furious and his wife was even more furious, because she had previously asked him to replace the door with a new updated electronic model, but he refused. His reasoning was that the door would be pricey and would take away from the charm of their old house. Now he was facing car repair expenses and a garage door expense. 

New Doors

His wife chose white classic steel doors with upper windows and handles. The doors complimented the classic home perfectly. Once the doors were on, the husband began to feel bad about the mess that had accumulated in the garage, also something his wife complained about. She wanted to be able to park both cars and also set up a craft area, so she could store her crafts supplies neatly, and create in the big space. He had the nicest garage doors Johns Creek GA had ever seen!

Standing outside his messy garage with the beautiful new doors he got an idea. Christmas was coming and what better gift than a neat clean and organized garage for his wife. He enlisted the help of a professional organizer to help him plot and plan. He informed the organizer of his plan and desire to create the perfect craft area for his wife and provide her room to park her car alongside his. He explained the garage was so messy only one car would fit.


While his wife was out Christmas shopping, he had the organizer come in and look at the garage. She was quite surprised by the size. It was a three car garage. She was astounded at the amount of mess that consumed the space. She felt bad for the homeowner’s wife. The garage was big enough to give her the craft area she desired, a better laundry area and a small lounging area. It really was a great space.

The husband and the organizer planned the perfect space to surprise his wife. They shopped for new craft tables, storage items, a couple of ergonomic chairs, two beautiful lounge chairs and a flat screen television, so his wife could watch YouTube videos while doing her crafts. The organizer also suggested custom modular garage floor tiles to add a little color and give the garage a more homier feel. It is a neat and clean flooring system, that is easy to install and maintain. Best part, you can park your car on it.

The Big Surprise

While the couple was on their annual two day outlet mall shopping trip, the organizer and her crew immediately went to work. They worked all through the night organizing, installing and eliminating all unused items. They installed a combination of blue, yellow and white tiles on the floor, because that was the wife’s favorite color combination. There was a new countertop installed for laundry folding, new cabinets with a hanging rod, a desk, a cutting table, a sewing table and the flat screen TV. There was storage for everything.

When the husband and wife pulled up to their home the next evening, they noticed a huge blue, yellow and white ribbon across the garage door. The husband parked the car in the drive way and asked his wife to remove the ribbon. As she removed the ribbon from their newly installed garage door, he pressed the garage door opener. The wife was speechless. The garage was a sight to see. It was a room inside of a room. Everything was organized, the floor was colorful and clean and she noticed there was a place to sit and watch television or read a book. Most of all, she noticed there was room to park her car. She hugged and kissed her husband and told him it was the best Christmas present he could ever give.

If you could look through the window of their new garage doors Johns Creek GA, you would see the homeowner sitting in a lounge chair reading a book while his wife is at the craft table creating and watching videos on the flat screen.

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