Garage doors are one of the most vulnerable points in your home. This makes them an easy target for burglars. Of course your car is valuable, but there are other items we store in the garage that we’d like to keep safe. Even though garages are oftentimes the main entry and exit point at home, most of them are isolated from the main house by a fireproof steel door. Living in a safe neighborhood is beneficial in the overall home security assessment; however, ensuring a complete garage door security involves much more than rolling down the doors. This is mostly because there always exists the inherent risk of opportunistic burglars looking for easy unsecured garage doors Holly Springs, GA to target. The following are  ten tips to follow to secure your garage.

  1. Ensure the mechanical components of the garage door are well-maintained: regular maintenance will help keep your garage doors functional, while reducing degrading factors such as corrosion. Maintenance includes checking the door frame, hinges, locks as well as the replaceable components.
  2. Keep the doors closed and locked at all times: whenever you are leaving your home, even if there is someone left behind, always make it a point to close your doors. This is important because it will prevent passersby from peeping inside your garage to check if there is something valuable.
  3. Install a peep hole in the door affording movement between the house and garage. this will enable you to look into the garage without having to open to doors if you suspect something untoward is going on.
  4. Always cover the garage windows: this will help deter potential thieves from spotting any tools or items of value inside the garage. You can install garage curtains or sheer cover materials such as plastic or fabric sheets that allow light to pass through while blocking the view from outside.
  5. Do not keep your house keys in your car. One less thing to worry about it your car is ever burglarized or stolen.
  6. Ensure the garage area is well lit: the chances of burglars or thieves attempting a break-in in a well-lit garage are reduced, because good lighting acts as a deterrent. You can install lights at all the entry points, including the windows. Exterior lighting, such as wall lamps and recessed lights will not only make your home beautiful at night, it will also add a layer of security around the garage and the entire property
  7. Install an Alarm: alarm doors come in different sizes and style; these can range from a simple door sensor that can send an audible alarm anytime the garage door’s is open to the more comple
  8. x smart alarms. Some of the modern automated garage doors, feature rolling code technology; which allows the remote to transmit a new security code ever time the remote is pressed.
  9. Add a security camera: this will act as a deterrent to would be burglars or thieves. The system can be connected to computer for recording purposes. Affordable security cameras can be purchased at the local stores and online. Manygarage doors Holly Springs GA are protected this way.
  10. Get a reliable garage door: a strong garage door will act as a strong barrier between the exterior and interior of the garage. Good secured garage doors are made from high quality materials without sacrificing aesthetics.
  11. Avoid sharing your garage door security code: if you are traveling, it is always wise to keep the garage and house keys with you. However, if you have a wireless-keypad fixed outside your garage, keep the security pass-code confidential. The code should only be shared with someone trustworthy.

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