Relocating to a new home can be stressful. Packing, moving and unpacking can become confusing and complicated even if there is a clear plan in place. Fortunately, there are ways to ease or avoid this type of stress. Several ideas will make relocating easier.

1. Use Clothes and Linens to Wrap Delicate Items

Fragile items like dishes, electronics and decorations can be wrapped in clean clothes and linens before being put into boxes. This prevents having to fill extra boxes with nothing but clothes and towels. The fabric from the clothes and linens also provides very good protection against damage from vibrations and physical impacts during the move.

2. Label and Number Every Box

Every single box should be labeled and numbered. Writing each item placed into the box on the outside will make it much easier to find important items and stay organized while unpacking. Each box should be number sequentially as it is packed. Every box should have an individual and unique number. This will make it very simple to check that all boxes have been loaded on a truck and moved into the new home.

3. Keep Boxes in the Garage While Loading the Truck

Stacking boxes in the street or on a sidewalk can cause problems. They could be stolen, tripped over or hit by a passing car. Boxes should be kept in the garage before they are loaded on the truck. This makes it easy to close the garage doors when taking a break or going inside so that everything is protected. The garage also protects boxes if it starts to rain while relocating.

4. Rent a Hand Truck

One of the most difficult parts of relocating is moving heavy furniture through a home, onto a truck and then into a new house. It is worth the small extra cost to rent a hand truck or dolly. The hand truck makes moving even the largest dressers and cabinets very easy. Hand trucks can prevent injuries and make the move go much faster.

5. Stock the New Home before Arriving

The new home is going to be empty when everyone arrives to unload the moving truck. A good idea is to buy essential supplies and stock the new home long before the day of the relocation. The supplies should include basic cleaning items like paper towels and spray cleaners. Supplies should also include toilet paper, disposable cups and some plates so everyone can be comfortable until everything is unpacked.

6. Have Friends or Relative Watch Kids and Pets

Children and pets need to be kept safe during the move. Children can unintentionally be injured by falling items, heavy boxes or furniture. Pets can get in the way while carrying boxes. Pets could also get outside while the front door is open and cause trouble on the streets. It is easiest to ask close friends or relatives to watch kids and pets during the relocation. Taking the kids to the home of a relative is usually the best idea.

7. Take Pictures of Electronics and Technology

It can be hard to correctly reconnect or reinstall electronics, appliances and other pieces of technology after the move. A simple solution is to take pictures of the cables or installation with a cell phone or digital camera. Openers for garage doors, entertainment systems and computers can all be reassembled easily in the new home based on the pictures.

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