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Keeping a house uncluttered can be a difficult task for parents. Children’s toys can almost seem to take over a home if not stored and organized properly. Sports equipment, games, and even out of seasonal clothing can take up tons of space. Storage containers can be expensive. Below are some unique ideas that can help you store some of your children’s possessions without having to spend a ton of money.

1. Sports ball rack

You can make a great ball holder for next to the garage doors. All you need is some thin nylon rope and some plywood. Use two piece of plywood cut into squares approximately 24 x 24 inches. Making this is extremely simple – just drill four holes on each side of both squares. Then in one of the squares drill one hole in the center.

Cut the thin nylon rope into 64 inch stripes. Tie a tight knot on one end of each of the stripes of nylon rope. Then take string the rope through the top of one of the plywood squares. After you have all of the rope through the first square then place the bottom ends of the rope through the second square. Tie a tight knot at the bottom of each square. Use the hole in the center of the top square to hang your new ball rack.

Below you can see more ideas for a DIY project to build a ball rack. Also, I bet you could find a way to place the ball rack in a creative way in the room!

garage doors Atlanta GA storage ideas ball rack creative ball rack

2. Hanging baskets

Another great idea is to find a new use for hanging wire planters. There are several types of hanging wire planters that you can purchase at reasonable prices. You might even have some unused hanging planters sitting around your garage. You can paint these various colors and suspend these in your child’s room. These can be used to place many different things and sort toys. You can use it to store small stuffed animals in your baby’s room. You can place hair ribbons and headbands in your little girl’s room or bathroom. You can use this in your son’s room to put action figures. Place one net to the garage doors for quick tool access. The options are endless.

garage doors Atlanta GA storing idea basket

3. Easy to make shelves

Shelving always comes in handy but can be expensive. One easy substitute for shelving can be made with bricks and 2×4’s. You can stack bricks up to your desired height and place the 2×4’s on top. You can make them as thick or tall as you want. This is a great option for shoe storage or even extra garage shelving. You can get creative by using stencil and paint. You can decorate bricks or even stack them to resemble a house.

DIY shelves








4. Crate Storage shelves

Crates have always been a quick way to store stuff. Wooden crates can be purchased at craft stores and are relatively inexpensive. You can even purchase them in decorative colors. A new great way to use a crate is to nail the bottom to a wall. This makes a hanging shelf. You can keep it simple and stick to just having one or you can go all out and attach several to the wall. You can put anything from clothing to décor in the durable and stylish shelves. If you are looking for a quick way to get organized then crate shelves could be for you.

crate shelves crate2

Please share your ideas of how you can affordably and creatively store toys and other objects in your children’s room and not only.

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