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Keeping your vehicles protected from the humid weather in and around the Atlanta, GA is easier than you think. If you are thinking about installing, replacing, or upgrading your garage door opener, Liftmaster Garage Door Openers offers a variety of automatic door opening systems that can match your garage construction and fit within your budget.

The first electric garage door opener was invented in America, in 1926, by C. G. Johnson. But, it did not gain popularity until after World War II. Today’s garage doors are more efficient, quieter, and have many protective performance features. Liftmaster has been manufacturing garage door openers for over 45 years and it is a company within of the Chamberlain Group, Inc. (CGI) brand name firm. The company is headquartered in Illinois, has a technical support center in Arizona, and a manufacturing plant in Mexico. Liftmaster is a recognized leader in garage door technology according to Consumer Review and AAA Remotes. The Liftmaster brand is listed as one of the 2015 Best Garage Door Openers by Top Ten Review.

The Liftmaster selection groups include the Elite Series, the Premium Series, and the Contractor Series. The Elite series highlights innovative features and provides you with the ability to monitor and connect with your home from anywhere. The Premium series highlights top quality, quiet performance and wireless connectivity. The Contractor series emphasizes a chain driven motor with industrial strength economic efficiency.

Every series within the Liftmaster line of garage openers is equipped with standard security and safety characteristics. The security features include a rolling code technology, automatic lighting features, and the Posi-Lock anti-intrusion system. The safety features include an infrared beam protector system and added protection levels with an automatic door stop and safety reverse system.

Also supplied as standard components are upscale quality conveniences. Included is the ability to program additional remote devices such as key fobs, car visor controls, and key-less entry controls. The door openers are equipped with Home Link compatibility and Liftmaster’s patented Smart Garage Door Opener technology. The remote devices are programmed with automatic random access codes that change every time you send a signal. This is an invaluable method to deter anyone else from attempting to duplicate your personal code to gain illegal entry into your home through the garage.

Liftmaster’s line of door openers, upgrades, and accessories are available your local garage door sales showroom. Your local garage door dealer is also the best place to acquire an agreement for service and maintenance. Unless you are a skilled DIY individual, Liftmaster door openers and operating equipment should be installed and maintained by a licensed dealer and a professional tradesman. Liftmaster motors, belts, and chains come with a generous lifetime guarantee. They also warranty their parts for five years.

Today’s garage door opener is more than an avenue for you to preserve the value of your vehicles, it also raises the value of your home and provides you with added safety and security against potential intruders. The remote control devices give you an increased measure of convenience. With a push of a button, or a tap on a smart phone, you can open your garage door during inclement weather or late at night without ever needing to get out of your vehicle.

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