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How to keep your garage safe

 Making Your Garage Safer

Are you a diligent homeowner who takes pride in the value of your house? Retiree who’s looking to invest their pension funds for a good cause? Or are you a hardworking parent who’s concerned about the safety of your child? Regardless of your current status, it’s essential to take the necessary precautions to create a safeguard against burglars who break through any garage doors Woodstock GA.


Thieves can bypass the security system that’s integrated with your garage door, similar to the way hackers bypass restricted content on the internet. Among the different brands, automatic garage doors are usually manipulated. These doors can simply be opened with a grab handle, that’s equipped to the door for manual use. A thief can use any type of wired device, such as a coat hanger, to lift the door from the outside.They can also override the lock system once they’re inside the garage.

Reduce the Risks

Although it’s impossible to completely reduce the risks of a burglary from taking place, you can significantly reduce the risks. Follow these tips to ensure that you have proper protection:

  • Purchasing a remote door opener can serve multiple benefits. Most devices contain rolling-code technology that generates new opening codes. Moreover, burglars can’t use any type of code grabber device to access the code.
  • Placing the remote door opener in a safe spot can prevent unauthorized use. You can simply use a key chain to keep it in place!
  • Contrary to popular belief, many people leave their garage doors open during bedtime. Having trust in your neighbors can be a good moral however, it’s not a reliable choice since they’re unpredictable.
  • If necessary, remove the windows of your door garage or purchase a new garage door without windows.
  • Well maintained garage doors are less prone to malfunctions or breakdowns. The counterbalance springs are no exception, considering that these can easily become diminished within a year.

Looking Beyond the Surface

It is technically correct that a burglar can invade a garage through the garage door; But above all, they’re capable of breaking in through various parts of your house. This ranges from the front door, peripheral windows and additional openings. Therefore, it is essential to enhance your security system and locks.

Companies such as Kwikset or Wayne Dalton produce brands of locks that are good, in terms of it’s quality. For under $40-50, you can purchase a variety of products that are cost-effective and functional.

Resistant deadbolt locks prevents entrance through the front door, since thieves are not able to use a pick to open it. It’s possible for anyone to be creative and sneak through open windows and vents. That’s why a window alarm system will buzz off, if any foreign invaders dare to enter. This is a perfect tool if you’re planning to go on a vacation and have a desire to protect your windows. For sliding glass doors, a solid metal jammer will be able to lock the sliding mechanism from being released. Although using motion activated security lights aren’t necessary, it does bring an extra line of defense and reduces the risks of being robbed provided that the following items mentioned above are used simultaneously.

Facing the Inevitable

Despite being well-prepared towards having a safe environment around your house, burglaries nonetheless occur on a regular basis. Loss of property and damages can be extremely devastating and requires a considerable about of time to overcome emotionally; However, it’s essential to act on the situation as soon as possible, to ensure that you can receive as much compensation as you can get.

Calling the police and filing a claim is one step in the right direction. Anything from finding key evidence, making a evaluation of the personal items lost, and other descriptive details can aid the investigation process.

Analogous to analyzing incorrect answers on an exam you’ve took, you must focus on the vulnerable areas of your house, asking several questions that require thought. How did the burglar break into the house? Which areas of the house are vulnerable? Do I need to strengthen my security system? From there, you’ll be able to prevent another robbery from happening.

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