Fold Them, Swing Them, Hide Them or Roll Them?

Garage doors come in many types of shapes, colors and materials, but what sets garage doors apart is how they open and close. There are four main garage door types: the sectional, the up and over, the round the corner and roller garage doors. Each type looks and functions differently and depending on your choice they could need a bit more room than other garage door types. Each garage door type also has varying strength to it.


The most common type of garage door in America is the sectional. It features horizontal panels that are hinged together and ride on two roller tracks while the lifting system may be done by a chain, screw, belt or direct-driven system. The door’s weight is counterbalanced by a heavy duty torsion spring system. Garage doors like these are the most common because of their convenience. They have the advantage of just being able to pick up and pull down the garage door as needed while still having the option to open and close it with a motorized system operated with a garage door opener. One disadvantage, however, is that they can be much more expensive than other types of garage doors.

Up and Over

Up and over garage doors consist of one large panel and swing up and over your head to open them and have a hinge on each side. This could immediately be seen as a disadvantage depending on the size of your driveway because vehicles that want to park in front of the garage must stay back several feet to avoid the garage door when it opens. Fortunately, these doors also have the option of being installed such that it folds the door back so that it stays completely inside the garage door header, even when open. One key advantage up and over garage doors is the ability to lock them in multiple places to keep thieves and intruders out, providing additional security.

Round the Corner

The round the corner garage doors are more common in Europe than in the United States as they are the most compact. They are perfect for larger garages and garages with limited headroom because they are similar to ordinary household shower curtains in that they open from the center and slide outward around your garage. They also do not require a person to open the garage doors fully to get inside the garage and do not even require any sort of electrical component. To keep them easy to slide, however, these types of garage doors are usually made of wood or aluminum which calls their ability to handle severe weather into question.


Roller or sheet garage doors are not very common but are very durable doors. These garage doors are made of corrugated steel most of the time, making them quite strong against impacts. Roller garage doors have a rolling mechanism with a preloaded spring built in which reduces the effort needed to open the door manually. Roller doors for larger garages use a simple pulley and chain system or geared motor to roll the door open or closed. They look a little more industrial than other garage doors, however, and cannot be insulated very well, though insulated roller garage doors do exist.

Do you care about aesthetics, security or durability? See what price point and features you are looking for and decide based on your own unique circumstances above all. No matter which you choose, garage doors are always a good idea. They can grow into an up to 80% return on your initial investment and provide basic protection for your vehicles of choice. Always do your research.

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