Today’s garage door manufacturers build an impressive variety of beautiful, secure, energy-efficient products. Accidents involving garage doors are infrequent at best largely due to the many safety systems built into the garage doors, some required by law. However, people using automatic garage door systems in their homes and businesses should practice caution and be aware of potential safety issues. Garage door safety Nolensville TN is a topic to think about.

All Four Seasons Garage Doors in Nolensville offers complete garage door sales, installation, and service. We strive to inform customers about potentially hazardous situations involving garage doors, so they can request trained technicians to ensure safe garage door operation. If you harbor concern about any of these issues, contact us to perform a safety inspection of your automatic garage doors and built-in safety systems

Avoid Electrical Dangers

Many modern garage doors utilize well-designed electric motors. Unfortunately, problems can impact this equipment from time to time. For example, during electrical storms, there could potentially be a disruption that affects the operation of an automatic garage door motor. Similarly, household wiring issues sometimes create problems with these components. Disassembling an electric motor requires caution. Most experts recommend requesting trained technician assistance to troubleshoot and correct automatic garage door electric motor problems.

When Torsion Springs Break

Some brands of modern garage doors employ very strong torsion springs in the assembly. These powerful components will require periodic replacement. If you fail to obtain timely safety inspections and a torsion spring wears out and ruptures, this could be dangerous. Potentially, it might allow a garage door to slide out of correct alignment, or, worse, fall down.

Garage Door Tracks

Another important component which may contribute to door misalignment or slippage problems involves the garage door tracks. These parts should remain in good condition and not become bent or blocked by loose metal parts or other obstructions. Like the springs, the tracks perform an important role in door balance and alignment. If you notice bent or cracked metal tracks, contact a qualified garage door repair technician. Safe garage door operation requires functional garage door tracks.

Garage Door Weight

The weight of modern garage doors plays a role in safety issues. As manufacturers have worked to develop insulated, energy-efficient products, the overall weight of the average residential garage door has increased. Many homeowners don’t fully appreciate the careful manufacturing of garage door production today. Doors sometimes contain multiple layers of paneling and insulation within sturdy frames.

Although modern automatic garage doors often provide excellent protection against cold weather, heavy winds, fires, and unauthorized intrusions, these structures typically represent the heaviest moving structures in a residence. In the past, suddenly falling garage doors that have slipped out of alignment have killed or seriously injured young children and household pets. They may also cause extensive damage to automobiles (and other property items). For a variety of reasons, you’ll want to keep your garage doors in safe operating condition.

Prevent Automatic Door Opener Malfunctions

Automatic door opener malfunctions pose an issue of concern because no one should become trapped inside a closed garage, or left with a garage door that does not shut and lock. By keeping your automatic door opener in good condition, you’ll avoid many unwelcome safety hazards. Fortunately, modern door opener systems reflect skilled engineering.

All Four Seasons Garage Doors cares about garage door safety in Nolensville and throughout Atlanta, Georgia and Nashville, Tennessee and beyond. Contact us whenever you’d like to obtain skilled garage door maintenance and repair services. We also perform turnkey installation and garage door replacement! For more information, contact All Four Seasons Garage Doors, Nolensville TN at 615-274-8419.