Customers frequently request our technicians for assistance troubleshooting common garage door mechanical issues. At All 4 Seasons Garage Door Repair Triune, TN, we sell, install, and service all major brands of garage doors. Count on us for assistance whenever a concern arises. Simply call and schedule a service appointment whenever you notice these types of possible malfunctions…

Hear the Signs of Trouble

Have you noticed unusual or different sounds lately when you open or close your home’s garage door? Sometimes a poorly functioning automatic garage door motor will produce audible effects. However, issues with tracks, rollers, or chains may also influence the sound of a heavy door rolling up or down. A properly functioning automatic garage door should open and close seamlessly. It will produce some noise, but not jarring, unusual sounds.

Seek Out Regular Maintenance

Like all machines, automatic garage doors require periodic inspections and maintenance. Some components will wear out long before others. Many common repairs involve the replacement of heavily worn garage door parts. During the period of time you own a garage door, you’ll want to ask a technician to perform regular maintenance, including:

  • replacing damaged or old door springs
  • cleaning garage door tracks
  • evaluating the operation of the motor and the balance of the door itself
  • repairing weather-related damage to the exterior of the garage door.

Remain Alert to Torsion Spring Dangers

Some garage door systems utilize tough torsion springs. We caution customers to never attempt to remove or replace these components themselves. Performing this task incorrectly can cause serious injuries. Leave garage door torsion spring replacement to qualified automatic garage door technicians!

Don’t Forget Automatic Door Opener Issues

In addition to door repair issues, from time to time problems will likely arise with the automatic garage door opener. This important accessory performs an integral function in the smooth operation of an automatic garage door system. Ask us to routinely check over the condition of the opener when we conduct a safety inspection. It makes sense to keep garage door openers in excellent repair in order to obtain optimum value from your automatic doors. In some cases, customers seek assistance replacing or adjusting components of the door opener. Today, some automatic door openers beep to alert customers to a failing battery.

Call a Professional

Customers sometimes wonder whether or not they should call a garage door repair technician to conduct a safety inspection of the garage door. Some people worry they will appear foolish if the tech discovers no serious problems. The bottom line: never criticize yourself for requesting a safety inspection of your garage door! No one considers this step ridiculous. By exercising caution and contacting a qualified repair tech at the first indication of a possible problem, you may even prevent a garage door malfunction from developing into a serious safety hazard. Obtaining repair assistance promptly enables many consumers to obtain the maximum possible lifespan from this important asset.

For the best in Garage Door Repair, garage door torsion spring repair and garage door opener service, call our friendly staff at 615-274-8419. Even minor garage door repair issues sometimes become serious problems if left unresolved. To obtain a complete, knowledgeable inspection of residential or commercial garage doors by qualified repair service technicians, simply contact us. We serve customers in garage door repair in Triune and all around Nashville, Tennessee. We’ll help you maintain garage doors and garage door openers in a safe, smoothly running condition!