Though a garage door repair has many components attached to it, each component no matter how negligible it may seem, needs constant checking so that the overall performance of the door remains relatively moderate. Once a hitch on its normal performance is noted, quick action of establishing the location of the problem should be taken. Here are the repair tips one should focus on.

Garage Door Repair

Overhead garage doors roll up in sections and those which move up in a piece rely on tension of their springs. The door makes its movement on metal tracks which are well secured in the garage wall. To facilitate these movements, a heavy spring or a number of springs are used to give power for these movements. When the door fails to function normally, repair services are needed.

The first step you take is observing the metal tracks. Examine the mounting brackets which are securing the tracks to the garage wall. They should be tightened if loose. The bolts or screws that are found at the brackets will help you to do that. Then get into the garage and shut the door. Check if there are flat spots, dents or crimps. If you get damaged spots, hammer them using a hammer and piece of wood or a rubber mallet. Consider replacement of the tracks, if the damage is vast.

Check the alignment of the tracks using a level. The horizontal tracks ought to slant a little bit to the inside of the garage while the vertical tracks stand plumb. The two tracks should reach the same height on the walls of the garage. When you find out that the alignment is incorrect, loosen the bolts or screws found at the mounting brackets and cautiously tap the tracks to the rightful position. Remember that the bolts and screws are only loosened and not completely removed.

Cleaning of the tracks then follows. You should use concentrated domestic cleaners in removing tough grease and the dirt which hardens on these tracks.

Be keen to note if there is any loose hardware on your door. In case of any, tighten it to its requirement. Swing-up doors develop this more often at the plate where springs are mounted. Ensure that they are tight. Roll-up doors should be checked where the hinges hold the door sections together. Loose screws or bolts should be tightened and if the damage has reached the hinges, they should be replaced. A sagging door can be corrected by making the hinges work better. You might note that some screw holes are bloated. What you need to do is replacing them with longer ones but of the same diameter. Add a hollow fiber plug which is dipped in carpenters adhesive together with the new screw. Where the wood is cracked, you should remove the hinge for you to get access of filling the screw holes and the crack with wood filler. Allow the filler to completely dry and then place the hinge on solid wood.

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