Remote Reprogramming Tips

The garage door remote is a convenient tool that helps people control the garage without getting out of their cars. It can also be helpful when the door is particularly heavy and difficult to manually control. Knowing how to reprogram a garage door remote is extremely important. This is because the remote can often get stolen or lost. In such a case, a new remote might be required and the owner would have to program it without any help. It is also handy knowledge to have. Here are a few steps to reprogram garage door without any external help.

Garage Door Remotes

Find Out How The Remote Works –

Garage door remotes made using older technology come equipped with code switches. These switches can be turned on and off. The operation of the door is controlled by the garage door opener and it has these code switches as well. In state of the art garage door remotes, rolling code technology is used. Everytime the remote is used and a button is pressed, the coding is changed in this technology. Radio frequency helps the door opener to receive the signal from the remote for opening or closing.

Frequency Of The Remote –

The radio frequency of the remote for garage doors is measured in terms of Megahertz or MHz. Common frequencies used in garage door remotes include 390 MHz, 318 MHz, 315 MHz, 310 MHz and 300 MHz. In order to find the frequency of a particular garage door remote, the back label can be consulted. The box in which the remote comes in would also have information regarding the same.

Reprogramming Using The Learn Button –

The Learn Button is found in most garage door remotes. It is usually black in color and to find it, the remote’s light cover has to be removed. In order to program or reprogram the remote, the learn button needs to be pressed. It should be held down until the opener flashes the indicator light. As the light keeps blinking, the button should be pressed on the door remote. If the door has recently been replaced, it should be tested by using the remote to see if it moves up or down.

For reprogramming a remote, the existing data needs to be deleted, and to achieve this, the learn button should be held down until the indicator light stops flashing. When this happens, the remote button should be pressed and released. This would successfully reprogram the door.

Only 4 to 5 remotes and a single keyless entry can be maintained by most garage doors

Reprogramming Code Switches –

In case of older remotes, the basic principle to remember is that the switches on the remote and opener should match with each other. In the opener, the switches are usually found behind the light cover. Simple settings should be avoided for ensuring that a burglar doesn’t rob the garage. This means that ‘all off’ or ‘all on’ in switches is not to be preferred. It is best to be random with the switches and then test the door.

It should be mentioned that simply knowing how a garage door remote is programmed doesn’t mean that any problems with the remote can be sorted out by the homeowner. When it comes to remote repair, it best to leave it to professionals. Professionals would not only take a look at the remote but also at the garage door. A well repaired garage door increases curb appeal, makes the garage door more efficient, reduces chances of replacing the door altogether and also makes the door quieter. Regular maintenance of garage door by professionals is important for ensuring a long life.

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