Decorate your Door!

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Decorating for the holidays can be a chore. Are you tired of decorating in the same theme with the same old decorations each Christmas year? Here are a few tips to that will help you spruce up your decorating spirit. Here are some new inexpensive ways to change your garage door theme to match your holiday festivities.

When needing to decorate your garage door try using different lights to change up the colors. You can use flashing lights, lights with bigger bulbs, or chaser lights that change color. No matter what type of decorating you’re used to doing, lights will give color and holiday spirit. The lights can be outlining the garage door to make a frame and then you can paint a scene or mural on your door. Sticky or magnetic holiday signs can be used for the holiday season to add creativity. The signs can peel off with little effort. Sprucing up your garage door during the holidays will look lovely, and give your home a complete feel of the holiday season.

Lights can also be used to make a picture on your garage door if you are artistic. A wreath is another way of giving your garage door a taste of Christmas spirit. You can decorate your own wreath, or buy one already decorated. The wreath can be hung in the center of the garage with the lights framing up the outside of the door. Or you can leave off the lights, and put the wreath by itself on the garage door.

Turn your garage door into a present. This is fun and is relatively inexpensive to do. This project can look great using a variety of different paper. Wrap the garage door up as a Christmas gift. You can even include a bow or ribbon to finish off the project. Garage door wrapping could be a fun family activity. Add any other decorations if you would like to make it your own unique door.

If you don’t own your place but would like to decorate there are other options. Take a projector and place it facing your garage door. You can then turn it on and have a festive scene, or Christmas decor projecting off your garage or home. This will let you enjoy the Christmas decorating but will keep your garage untouched from any decorations. Leave the projector on at night and have a timer to turn it off when you would like.

Pictures can be used as a great center piece on your Dunwoody GA garage door. Find a picture you would like to use for the holiday season and blow it up to the appropriate size you need. Cover the picture in laminate to protect it from the weather. Then use magnetic or tape strips to tack it on the garage door. Blowing up pictures, and purchasing laminate is not costly, can be used over each year. Lights can also add flare to your picture and allow night time drivers to see it more clearly.

When it comes to decorating for the holidays it can be fun. You don’t have to buy expensive decorations when you can use what you find at home. If you have an idea but are to shy to try it. Go ahead and show off your creative ideas. This is the time of year to do it. Your idea may be the talk of the community, and it could take off as the new trend.

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