Your Garage Doors, Atlanta GA, Can Add Style and Value to Your Home

When you drive by a house that really stands out above the others in a neighborhood, chances are they have stand-out garage doors as well. Most homeowners tend to think of their garage as a functional area and not necessarily as an extension of their interior living space, so the garage doors are often the most overlooked design element on the exterior of the home. Garage doors come in a wide variety of styles and materials. By keeping the style consistent with the rest of the house, a garage door can add to the curb appeal and give a home that polished, complete look.


Consistency in style between a house and a garage door can be accomplished by coordinating panel style, paint colors, material, window style, and even hardware. Most garage doors are constructed of insulated steel. Wood is not used as often, but is sometimes used for custom doors. Various types of plastic are the newest material for doors, ensuring quieter operation and lower maintenance.


Look closely at the style of your home. If you have a Tudor-style house with wood shutters or a house accented with stonework, dark wood or wood-look garage doors with cross bucks might complement the rustic tones nicely, pulling out the colors in the stone. If your front door or porch has an archway, the garage doors can be further customized to mimic that shape with arches at the top as well, making the design elements more uniform. A farmhouse design might call for a sliding barn door look. The sliding hardware is typically just for show though—your door will probably still roll overhead with traditional mechanisms.


Dark wood doors, perhaps with black wrought-iron hardware, can also complement a Spanish stucco style house. A contemporary house may require a different look—using garage doors with clean, simple lines as the main design element. Traditional houses typically have white garage doors, but other colors are available. A red, black, or blue front door with a matching-color garage door can really stand out. Windows can further exemplify style and add additional light. If security is a concern, frosted or opaque windows can let light in without compromising privacy.

Wow Factor

If you want your home to be the one that catches everyone’s eye as they drive through the neighborhood, stand back and take a second look at your garage. If you have a standard, basic white door, your house may look nice enough. But if you really want to give it that wow factor, consider what a new style might add to the picture. Upgrading the paint color or hardware might be the only boost it needs, but before you decide, do your research online. There are many design websites you can browse to see the impact a new door could make.

Additional Features?

If you decide to update the style, this would also be a perfect time to add upgraded security features or to switch to a door with better insulation. You might even want to consider adding a battery back-up system in case of a power outage. A professional will be able to help you select a style and fill you in on the latest technologies in security, function, and convenience. Remember, a new garage door will not only add to the style of your home (and make the neighbors jealous)—it may increase the value of your home as well.

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