Unlike residential garage doors, commercial doors must be able to withstand more use. They are usually taller and wider to accommodate larger vehicles such as 18-wheel tractor/trailer rigs. These types of doors can have several types of mechanisms and designs. The most common is the roller type design. Rollers are similar to the residential version, yet made with stronger metals. Other than the roller design, there are six different types of commercial garage type doors.

The six different doors include aluminum roller, sectional doors, service doors, counter doors, security grills and rolling sheet doors. The most common are aluminum roller and rolling sheet doors. These are usually found in most garages and loading docks. These doors can vary in size and width. Aluminum roller doors are usually made out of corrugated pieces of aluminum for panels, and some doors utilize sectional windows for added light in the work area. These doors work well for both exterior doors and sectional partitions. They are commonly found in fire stations, automotive repair shops, warehouses and loading docks.

Rolling sheet doors have corrugated metal sheets that are hemmed together to be rolled up over a spring-loaded shaft. This aids in the opening and closing of the security door. Some of these types of doors also have a high fire rating and can be used as fire doors. Rolling sheet doors is commonly found in parking garages and used as store-front security doors.

The modern rolling door was the successor of the monolithic sheet door that was invented in the early 20th century. These doors were large and hard to open. By the 1960, sheet doors gave way to sectional doors that were able to be open without much effort. Over time metal rolling doors began showing up on all types of businesses and was commonly found in areas that needed a large open to accommodate vehicles and deliveries. These doors were known to be relatively reliable and required little maintenance. The most common failure is the rolling bearings and binding doors. These are easily seen since most of the moving parts of these types of doors can be seen.

Like everything else in business, there are pros and cons to rolling doors. The good thing is that they are efficient, durable and customizable. The bad thing is that these doors are a little noisy. In most commercial settings such as parking garages and loading docks the noise level is not much of an issue. They are also a little pricey. In most commercial setting, the price is worth having the added security and convenience for the drivers.

Most business will hire a professional company to install these doors as they are more difficult to hang than residential versions. The advantage in hiring a professional door installation company is that they have better specialized equipment, and the proper know how to get the job done safely. These companies also have certified technicians that can insure their work. There are plenty of professional commercial door companies that are qualified to install and maintain your rolling doors. Commercial rolling doors take more abuse than residential doors. However, they do require annual inspections. This is something that most commercial door companies will be able to do for you. Depending on requirements, rolling doors is non-insulated, but there are insulated versions for use in manufacturing that requires accurate temperature control.

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