Home security is important to every homeowner. If you are traveling this holiday seasons, you want to keep your belongings and your family secure and safe from robbers or any criminal activity. There are many ways that homeowners can secure their home and garage doors Alpharetta GA has many options for securing your space, for little or no effect on the family budget. Here are some tips to insure that your home is secure this holiday season.

1. Making your home look like someone is there, even if you are on vacation. It is simple to make your home appear to have occupants, even though you may not be home. One great way is to install a timer for lights and television. This will make it seem like someone is there and just may deter a would-be burglar.

2. Outdoor security lighting is another great way to keep robbers out of your home. Statistics show that a well-lit area is not a favorite place for someone to rob. This can be as simple as porch lighting that is already installed to adding outdoor lighting to the driveway, front door or your garage doors Alpharetta GA.

3. Peep holes are great for letting you see who is there without opening the door to a stranger. It is a simple solution for those times when strangers knock on your door. It is always advantageous to see who is knocking, before you let them in. Many garage doors in Alpharetta GA can also have a peep hole installed.

4. Secure all windows. Windows are a top choice for burglars to enter your home. Installing secure locking mechanisms will keep unwanted strangers out. While most windows are manufactured with locks, they may not be very secure. Test the security of your window locks, if you can break in, you know a burglar can. Invest in a more secure window locking system to insure the windows are impenetrable.

5. Check the security of all points of access to your home. There may be a garage door in Alpharetta GA that is easily opened, or a basement outdoor access that should be more secure. It is simple to figure out where your home is the most vulnerable. Simply walk the parameter and attempt to get into your home without using your house key.

6. Install an alarm system. Many great alarm systems can be purchased to keep your home safe. With an electronic alarm system, your entire home is secured by installing equipment that will monitor your home and property.

7. Keep track of valuables. Law enforcement professionals recommend that you mark all of your expensive belongs with some kind of marking, known only to you, to aid in identifying your items if they are ever stolen. To do this simply etch or write a secret number somewhere on the item that is not easily seen. Then if your belongings are stolen, officers and detectives will be able to identify that your property belongs to you. Other ways to keep track of your belongings include taking photographs or videos of your most precious items. This is great for law enforcement and your home owners insurance for claims.

Keeping your home and family safe from intruders is important. It is also a simple task that everyone should do. The most important thing is to always be aware of what is going on in your neighborhood. Securing your entire home, including your garage doors Alpharetta GA, will keep your family safe.

For more information on how to secure your garage doors Alpharetta GA, call All 4 Seasons Garage Doors at (678) 981-8454. Stay safe this holiday season!