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Protect Your Equipment

mower_tuneupThere are many people that are looking to make their lawns the very best that it can be this spring. For those people that are looking to get an early start on their lawns it is a great idea to make sure that all of the tools and equipment needed are easily accessible and in good working order. For example, it is a great idea to make sure to do a tune up on the family lawn mower and weed trimmer. This will help to decrease the amount of frustration that can be had by equipment not running when they are supposed to. It is a good idea to make sure that the equipment remains inside of the garage during the winter. Some people seem to think that it does not matter if the equipment is outside in the elements or inside. It does. Moisture, rust, and vermin are just three of factors that can kill a piece of lawn equipment. It is best, if possible, to store the equipment in the garage close to the garage door. This will help a homeowner to be able to gain access easily to the equipment.

Gas and Oil

Gasoline in these pieces of equipment should also be drained if they are to be stored in a garage over the winter. The gasoline can break down and this leads to carburetor problems. The fumes from the gasoline can also build up in the garage which can lead to health and safety problems. If gasoline must be kept in the piece of equipment then a homeowner should add a fuel stabilizer additive to ensure that the gasoline will not break down and cause damage to the engine’s internal parts. Motor oil should also be drained, and changed, during the winter. It is also a good idea to perform routine preventative maintenance, if possible, while the equipment is in the garage over the winter. For example, a mower’s blades can be sharpened, the engine’s air cleaner can be changed, and tires can be rotated to ensure that the mower will perform at peak capacity. Likewise, most of the same things can be done to a weed trimmer while it is in the garage for the winter. 

Weed Trimmers

Garage Door repair Atlanta GAThe harmful effects of leaving gasoline in the weed trimmer are the same as in a mower because they both, typically, have internal combustion engines. Homeowners can also re-spool the trimming line on the gas weed trimmer so that they will be ready for spring and all of the weeds that pop up. By having the ability to store the lawn equipment inside of the garage during the cold winter months and having the elements blocked out via a garage door it gives the homeowner a warm and dry place to conduct all of the maintenance that needs to be performed in order to be able to proficiently manicure their lawn when the nice weather comes. Garage Door repair Atlanta GA is a must.They should also consider taking inventory of all their gardening tools to ensure that they have all that they need for the upcoming season. Shovels, rakes, fertilizer spreaders, and more should all be looked over to make sure that they are in good condition and are ready to use. 

It is important to note that emergency items, such as chainsaws and generators should also be looked over to ensure that they are working correctly. This will increase the chances that a homeowner has of having these tools and equipment readily available for the turbulent spring weather. Remember, a garage can be a great workshop that can keep the elements out all winter long as long as it has a good and sturdy garage door.


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