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As people approach your home, the first thing they notice will be your garage door. It is usually big, often colorful, and hopefully, attractive. More people enter their home through the garage than through the front door.


Garage Door Maintenance North Atlanta GAIn most homes, the garage door is operated by an in-car remote for the automatic garage door opener. About the only time most of us will notice the garage door is if it fails to operate. When it fails to operate properly we may be dismayed, but looking a little closer may allow us to troubleshoot the problem, and determine if we may fix the problem ourselves, or call for a garage door repairman.

Preventive Maintenance

Taking regular action to perform small maintenance tasks is the best way to ensure a long and happy relationship with your automatic garage door opener. If you can find the operators manual that came with your opener, this would be a good time to read and review the maintenance procedures.

The next step would be to observe the operation of the garage door, both from the outside, and from inside the garage. While outside, watch for jerks, or wobbles of the panels as they rise and lower, and listen for strange noises, like screeches, bangs, knocks, and pops. Anything but smooth, quiet, operation may indicate the need of maintenance, or even repair.

Now, from the inside of the garage, spend a few minutes to observe what makes the garage door open and close properly. Here are some thing to look for.

On the ceiling, at the center of the garage door, will be the mechanism that operates the door. The motor end will be about in the center of the garage, and a long tube, or guide, leading to the door, will house a screw or chain to pull the door to open or lower the door to close.
On each side of the door will be a track to guide the door while it travels up and rearward to store overhead. Attached to the door will be small rollers that fit into the track and ensure the quiet and smooth operation you originally paid for.
Tension, or torsion springs to offset the heavy weight of the garage door. Both designs will be under the most stress when the door is in the lowered position. These springs act like a counter-balance to lift part of the weight, allowing for a smaller electric motor and lighter mechanism. Torsion springs are wound around a rod just above the door that runs from side track to track. Tension springs are a heavy duty type of screen-door spring, and are located on each side of the door near the guide track.

Garage Door Maintenance North Atlanta GAWhile very rare, both types of springs can fail, causing a sudden release of energy, and allowing the door to fall. To prevent additional damage, both types have safety restraints built in to prevent flying about, and causing injury.

Now is the time to observe the doors operation from the inside of the garage. While standing clear of any moving parts, open and close the door several times, looking and listening for the same things you did from the outside. Pay special attention to the center guide to the opener motor, to the side tracks where little rollers roll,and to the hinges that attach the several panels of the door. Look for loose or broken parts, or parts lacking lubrication.

Carefully tighten loose bolts and nuts, replace broken parts, and obtain proper lubricants from your repair center. While hinges and bearings may use an oil base,most of the lubricants used are of the “dry” grease, preventing nasty drips to ruin your car’s paint.


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